Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sad News about House

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I am sad to report that our deal on selling our house completely fell through.  It has been an incredibly stressful and nerve wracking month of November.  We signed the contract on September 19th and we were supposed to close on October 26th.  Everything was fine until the day before the closing, when we were notified that it would take a few more days for the buyers "financing paperwork to go through".

Well one month of being given every excuse and reason why it would happen the next day or week and finally it just didn't work.  Needless to say we are extremely frustrated and disappointed because we have wasted the last two months and have to start over.  It just seems like it is not in our plan to sell this house through a realtor.  Without going into a bunch of details, we are moving on and trying the For Sale By Owner route.

It is unfortunate because I realize that we will probably not get any traffic in the dead of Winter and I will be so consumed with maintaining two houses I will not have time to start building my new garden at our new house.

We are praying that God has something better in store for us and these doors being closed are all for a reason.  I will post updates as they happen. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Georgia Home AND Garden - A New Focus

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I know it has been a while since I have blogged, but I am still here.  We are still under contract at my old house and we were supposed to close over two weeks ago.  The buyers have run into some issues with their financing and it has created a considerable amount of stress on my family the past two weeks.  I am just praying the deal goes through, but the focus on that as well as projects at the new house has prevented me from blogging.

I am compiling a pretty good backlog of projects at the new house to blog about and whenever the old house closes, I will start blogging regular again.

Today I spent some time cleaning up old files in my office and on my computer.  I stumbled across some old photos of a tree I planted back in 2006.  I was surprised at how much it has grown in just 6 years.  I have posted some pictures below.  It is a beautiful tree and I am surely going to miss it.  I have been in a tree mode lately, more on that in future posts.

Lastly, I am changing the focus of my blog from just gardening to info about gardening and home improvement projects.  The blog address will still be georgiahomegarden.blogspot.com, but I am rebranding it as Georgia Home AND Garden.  I am just slipping the word AND into the blog name to incorporate the new blog focus.  I thought it was kind of neat that it just worked out the way I had originally named it.  The reason for the change is because I am focusing a lot on home improvement projects in addition to gardening.  Originally when I set this blog up, my old house had pretty much been redone and my passion for gardening was just starting.  Now with the new house, I am back in home improvement mode and I hope to share some of my experiences as I make this new house OUR HOME.

November 2006 - Autumn Blaze Red Maple - About 8 feet tall

My oldest daughter was only 9 months old then, boy time flies.
No rock wall, no garden, landscape is so much different.

November 2012 - It has grown to more than 20 feet tall

It looks tiny next to the huge pines in the background.
Still my favorite tree at my old house.