Thursday, October 10, 2013

Emory Eye Center and Retinal Detachment Information

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I wanted to post some information about my condition. My surgery and treatment has been through the Emory Eye Center and tonight I was checking out their website.

I have become quite an expert of the eye, and I will admit I am a geek when it comes to information. However, I still want to share this information because it might help save someones vision in the future.

I can't say enough about the level of care that the Emory Eye Center has given me.  I am thankful and fortunate that I only live a few hours from it.

This link shows how retinal tears form, which can lead to detachment as in my case.
This link is a computer animation of what I experienced, retinal detachment.

Emory Eye Center Website for Retina Surgery and Diseases

Video on the history of Vitreoretinal surgey

My Surgeon

Update on my eye and my retinal detachment

Please visit and like my new facebook page Georgia Home Garden.

It has been three weeks since my surgery and I had another follow up appointment at Emory this morning. Overall the results were very positive, and here are the highlights:
  • The pocket of fluid in my retina is still there, but it has improved since my last visit. The doctor was very  pleased with what he saw and thinks over time it will all drain away.
  • In a few more weeks I can go to my regular eye doctor and get my vision checked in my left eye. It will be a while before my vision in my left eye stabilizes, but the eye doctor can check it and get me a temporary  contact. This will help in the short term so I can use both eyes.
  • My next appointment is in two months on December 5th. They are going to assess my left eye, and also perform laser surgery on my right eye. I have two holes in my retina on that eye, and the laser surgery is going to seal those holes to prevent my right retina from detaching in the future.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support. The prayers and positive thinking have no doubt helped  my eye heal. I am not out of the woods yet, but well on my way to getting back on track.

God bless