Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fence Project Done - What a difference!

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The fence project is done and I am so glad I decided to expand our back yard into the side yard.  My back yard feels huge now, and my mind is running wild with new projects I can do.  Me and the oldest daughter have already been playing baseball, and I have some ideas on adding some more garden areas in the future.
I have taken a lot of pictures, but here are some good ones.

View of the back fence wall.  This section had to face me due to a neighbors existing fence.

The old fence came off the corner of my house and followed that orange dirt.  I used the dirt they dug up for the posts and filled in a huge low spot.  The new fence comes off the house 20 feet, and this is a view of the additional backyard space.

Nice picture showing fence detail.

I had a small walk through gate added so I can get to my garden from the back yard.  Notice the 6x6 post used for hinge side of gate.

View from the garden.

Great view from the street looking toward my house, I can't wait for the Nuttall Oaks I planted last fall to grow and fill in this area.

This is the section of fence that is double sided.  Notice how straight the pickets are and you can't even see that there are pickets on both sides.  This fence installer used string lines for everything, and he used a level on every picket for this double sided section.  A true craftsman.

Standing in old "side yard" which is now back yard.

View from driveway looking toward side yard.  The distance from the new fence and street is 22 feet, which is still plenty of room so the fence is not too obtrusive.

I added some landscaping between the new fence and the driveway to dress up this area.  More on that in another post.

View from driveway toward main gate.

Fence Project Update - End of Day 2

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At the end of day two, and the fence is starting to take shape.  They have finished setting posts and are putting up most of the side rails.

View from garden, I like the fact that they are using three side rails: top, bottom, and middle.  I have seen fences where the installer only uses a top and bottom rail.

One section of the fence includes rails on both sides.  I am installing the fence the "proper way" by putting the good side toward the street and my neighbors view.  On the back section of the fence, the installer could not do the good side facing neighbor because they have a fence there already. So that section will have the good side towards me.  I didn't want my neighbor to have the posts facing their view, so I did what was right and paid extra to have rails and boards installed on both sides of the posts.  It cost me an extra 300 dollars to do that, but I think it is worth it to do it right.

You can see the neighbor's fence in the background and how my fence extends past that.  It is that extension that is double sided.

Another view.

View from my driveway, they should start putting the pickets up tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fence Project Update - End of Day 1

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The fence project is off to a great start.  So far I am really pleased with the quality of work being done by this company.  I have been taking a lot of pictures and here are the highlights from day one.

The first step was they measured off approximately where each post would go based on the string line I had set for them.  They dropped a post and a bag of concrete at each mark.

Another view from the driveway, gorgeous Spring day.

Now the fun part, they started digging each hole by hand.

Each hole was approximately 2 feet deep.

After they had an entire set of holes dug, they dropped in the posts.

They started by plumbing each corner post first, and then tied a string to each corner post.  This string line was used to plumb the additional line posts in a perfect line.

How do I know it is a perfect line?  Because it looks like one post from this angle straight on.

I stepped to the side and snapped a picture and you could see all the posts on this side have been set.

Another angle looking toward the driveway, next step, putting up rails.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fence Project - Day 1

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I have been waiting for this day ever since we bought our new house last August.  The new house is on a nice sized corner lot and the backyard was fenced in.  As soon as I looked at our house I had this vision of expanding the fence out into my side yard to capture more space in my backyard.

There were a few issues with the existing fence, it was crooked as can be, it was leaning all over, and had a  wobbly feeling to it.  Yes, those are all technical fence terms.  Not to mention the off white vinyl just stood out too much next to our house.

So I started last fall getting fence quotes from all the "name brand" local fence companies in my town.  I don't mean any disrespect, but most of them sounded like used cars salesmen.  I found that it was going to cost more money to add an extension to the existing fence and have them correct the issue, than to just replace the whole thing and start over.

So fast forward to this Spring, and I got a flyer in the mail from a local handyman business.  They specialized in fences, concrete, and decks.  I normally throw these things right in the trash, but this one looked nice.  They had a website and the guy was really friendly when I called them.  After many back and forth communications and questions I decided to give this guy a shot.

Before he could get started, I had to take the existing fence down and figure out what to do with it.  I decided to post it on Craigslist and believe it or not I had someone buy it.  Taking the 250 feet of vinyl fence down took about four nights of solid work after getting home from my job.  Luckily not one of the posts were set in concrete so pulling it down was pretty easy. Gee, now I know why it was crooked and wobbly.

So, with all that, the fence contractor is here today and I decided it was time to blog about it.

Here is a shot of the existing fence from Google Maps
Looks pretty good from space, it was junk.

Side yard where new fence will extend off house.

Another pic of side yard

Opposite view of side yard toward driveway

Side yard looking toward shed

Opposite side looking toward street

View from neighbors looking down on my house

View toward garden

The new fence will have a gate for access to my garden.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

God Made a Farmer - Awesome Video

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I don't know how I missed this during the Superbowl, but it gave me chills when I saw it during the CMA's tonight.  Farmer's are some of the hardest working people in our country, and I appreciate all the hard work they provide to put food on our tables.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Official, I'm Back Baby, I'm Back!!!

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We have sold the house, it's official!  I can hardly believe it, but Georgia Home Garden 1.0 is no longer ours.  Twelve years, one marriage, two kids and more DIY projects then I can count, I have so many memories of that house.

I can't wait to start back blogging regularly about the new garden and all that I have been working on.  Since I am a Seinfeld fanatic, George Costanza said it best: I'M BACK BABY, I'M BACK!