Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Shed Move Project

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One of the projects I knew I wanted to do when I bought this house was move a wood shed located in the corner of my yard.  I had every intention of paying someone to do it for me as I thought it would be too much for me to handle.  In my typical fashion, I obsessed over the project researching the Internet on moving sheds.  After a few weeks I finally decided to tackle this myself.

The reason to move the shed was mainly because its location was on a slope and the corner of it was very high off the ground.  You could tell the previous owner had jacked it up several times adding wood to level it out.

The shed is a pretty decent wood built one that is 10x10 feet and I use it to store all my landscaping equipment.  From everything I read on the Internet, the way to do it is you slide 4 inch PVC pipes under the shed and roll it to the location that you want it.

So that was my plan, me and a friend to move it one afternoon.  My goal was to move the shed 20 feet out of the corner of the yard and then turn it 90 degrees so the doors faced my house.  It seemed like it would be easy, but I was wrong.  The problem I had was that the skids on my shed were facing the wrong direction to roll the shed.  I really needed to turn it the 90 degrees first to get the skids in the right direction and then roll it.  The problem with that was since it was already on a slope when we started to push it to turn it, the whole thing seemed like it wanted to tip over on us, talk about scary.

Finally we decided to just drag it across the pipes the 20 feet first, and then we would turn it the 90 degrees.  We pushed, clawed, grunted, groaned, and strained our way but we finally got it all done.  It would have been a whole lot easier with a few more people, but hey you work with what you have.  All in all I am happy with the shed's new locale and now I can focus on the next project...more on that in my next post.

So here is the shed's original location in the corner of my yard.  Behind it is a house from the neighborhood behind us.  The house is somewhat screened from the pine trees and that silver maple.  The crap in the yard is the stuff I had stored in it.

Closer view you can see that one corner in a big time gully.

You can see where the previous owner just kept adding wood to level it out.

This was my tool, 4 inch PVC pipe. I had 3 pipes that were 10 feet long.

Here is the shed after I moved it and got it situated, it doesn't like much but it was a ton of manpower getting it moved and turned.

When I reset the concrete blocks on each corner, I poured a bag of gravel in a small hole to help with drainage and settling in the future.  I also used construction adhesive to glue each concrete block together.  My logic here was that it would prevent the blocks from sliding.  I also included a few more blocks in the middle just to give it extra support.  It is also much closer to the ground and since I turned it 90 degrees the high side will be covered by the ramp.

And speaking of the ramp, when I removed it to move the shed I found some bones.  Kind of creepy, I thought it was from a cat, but the eye sockets looked too large to me.  Anyone archaeologists out there that can tell what this was?

After I moved the shed, I cleaned up the gulley and filled it in with 2 cubic yards of fill dirt.  I had to do this with shovel and wheelbarrow.  "X" marks the spot, but what for....more on that in my next post.


Annie*s Granny said...

So THAT'S where my pet outer space alien went!

Kris said...

Haha too funny Granny. I guess it does look like an alien. I can ship him back to you. :)

Jeff Vandiver said...

Large pvc pipe is great for moving large objects, and I use it to move central air conditioning units into place. Can't wait to see what you've got planned for the area.

Kris said...

Thanks Jeff I don't know how I would have done it without the pipes. I did have problems with the pipes wanting to collapse on one end but that was only because I was working on very uneven ground. It probably would have been a thirty minute project rather than four hours if the ground was level.

I hope you are doing well and if your job ever puts you in the Phenix city area please email me so we can link up.

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