Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fence Project Update - End of Day 2

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At the end of day two, and the fence is starting to take shape.  They have finished setting posts and are putting up most of the side rails.

View from garden, I like the fact that they are using three side rails: top, bottom, and middle.  I have seen fences where the installer only uses a top and bottom rail.

One section of the fence includes rails on both sides.  I am installing the fence the "proper way" by putting the good side toward the street and my neighbors view.  On the back section of the fence, the installer could not do the good side facing neighbor because they have a fence there already. So that section will have the good side towards me.  I didn't want my neighbor to have the posts facing their view, so I did what was right and paid extra to have rails and boards installed on both sides of the posts.  It cost me an extra 300 dollars to do that, but I think it is worth it to do it right.

You can see the neighbor's fence in the background and how my fence extends past that.  It is that extension that is double sided.

Another view.

View from my driveway, they should start putting the pickets up tomorrow.

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Jade Graham said...

We still have to tamp down a few more posts, hang 2 gates and run the wire. But hopefully we can get that done by next weekend so I can start planting!
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