Monday, June 3, 2013

Garden Update - June 3, 2013 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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I knew this year was going to mean a smaller garden and a year of rebuilding, but boy I sure do miss my other garden.  It is clear that the process of creating a quality garden soil from scratch really worked better than I realized.  This year I had to resort to the one size fits all approach of getting soil from a sand and gravel yard.  It was decent soil, but it is clearly inferior to what I had before.  It is also clear that I won't be blogging as regular as before.  I am averaging about once a month, and I would like to post at least once a week.  Maybe if I start getting harvests, that will motivate me to post.

Do I have a garden...yes.
Will I harvest anything from it....we will see.

Let's start with the one bright spot, the Kennebec potatoes in my coca cola cooler.  I have been adding soil as they have grown and this is how big they were two weeks ago.

Look at these things, I swear they grow a foot a day.  I can't wait to see if get some good potatoes.

I have my first tomato baby of the season.

Here are the 12 tomato plants.  They are growing, but they aren't as robust as last years.

Now some of the ugly, here are my squash and zucchini bed.  Plants are small and weak.

Out of 12 plants, I have only one zucchini.

The bees aren't doing their job of pollinating the flowers and they are just dropping off.

Here is my pepper bed, you can see my new fence in background.  I have stained the entire outside of it and I think it looks good.  Now I have to do the inside.

Hungarian Wax Pepper

Yellow Bell Pepper

Habanero blossom

Picture of entire garden.


GrafixMuse said...

The kennebec's look good! I think you are going to have a nice potato harvest. It looks like your squash plants could use a bit of a boost. Have you ever tried fish emulsion fertilizer? You mix it with water and water the plants. The nutrients are available immediately to the plant. I have some beds with not so great soil and feeding with fish emulsion usually helps. Love the baby peppers and tomato.

Kris said...

Rachel I have never tried the fish emulsion fertilizer. I will have to look into it. I have a bag of cow manure. I thought about making some compost tea. I have just been so busy landscaping my new house. Maybe I can find some time to try it. Thank you for your advice.

Cristy said...

I've had a lot of trouble getting bees to my garden too. I resorted to hand pollinating the cucumbers. The bees have finally found my squash, but they still aren't pollinating the cukes.

I hope your garden goes well. I understand about once a month blogging. Life is busy.

Kris said...

Cristy, I finally understand what the phrase "time is money" really means. I knew what it meant but now that I have more things to do than I can physically do in a day I REALLY know what it means. For example I actually paid someone to change the oil in my cars last month. That might not sound like a big deal but for me that was huge. I have always changed my own oil because I could do it cheaper and I knew that I could do it right. It hit me one night while going through my to do list that I was saving 10-15 dollars per oil change doing it myself. It hit me that it actually cost me more to do it myself because the time I spent going to store, performing oil change, and then taking used oil for recycling was worth much more than the 10 dollars I was saving. For some people this may sound like duh but for me who is a person who grew up not having much that is what we did. You did everything yourself because you had to. God has opened my eyes that I can't do it all even though I think I can. I must depend on others and more importantly on HIm.

Farm Girl said...

Hello Kris,
Well I have to say even if it isn't the garden you had last year it is still a very nice garden. My six tomato plants are in my flowerbed in my back yard. I did plant some beets this weekend but in some boxes I had left over from the wedding. I go out to my field of dreams and there is still nothing there but a parking lot. Sometimes life is like that, I love that about gardening, no two gardens are ever the same. I have my flowerbeds this year to fool with. I am going to use this summer to keep adding nutrients to the soil and working it because I do think it might be good for a rest.
I hope you do get to update some more. I do enjoy your progress.

Kris said...

Thank you for those words of encouragement. I hope your wedding went great. I know you deserve a rest because that was a lot to take on. Do you have any sunflowers this year?

Simon Kate said...

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kelli said...

so cool you grew potatoes in a cooler!

Kris said...

Thanks Kelli. It was one of my few successes in the garden this year.