Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Garden Harvests - November 15th

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The first frost hit us last weekend so pretty much everything was killed off except for my lettuce and spinach. Of course today the weather is in the 60's for the low and almost 80 for the high. Mother Nature is so fickle, if it is gonna get cold stay cold why don't you.

I got to pick what was left of the peppers and green tomatoes and I got to harvest my lima beans. Although many of the pods didn't have time to form beans of suitable size, I harvested a total of 38 lbs. of pods from a couple of 4 by 8 beds! One bed filled an entire 5 gallon pocket full of pods. I will definitely be planting them again in the spring. I also harvested my first batch of fall lettuce and spinach. Eating fresh salads is great, but I am so spoiled I can't touch store bought bag lettuce. Yeah, I admit I am a snob, a lettuce snob.

Here is a half pound of lettuce and a little bit of spinach.

You know your lettuce is fresh when the water is as green as the lettuce.

Here are the last of the jalapenos, 8.40 lbs. from four plants.

2 lbs. on the nose.

Here is another 14 lbs. of green tomatoes, I have to work on ripening them now.

The best for last, this bucket was filled with lima beans from just a single 4 by 8 ft bed. This is square foot gardening at its best.
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Luis Tobon said...

There is nothing wrong with being a lettuce snob. We got our fill at the beginning of the year.


Kris said...

Yeah, I am sure I will tired of lettuce by the time this crop is done.