Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Overhaul Truck Interior - Part 3 Putting it Back Together

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It has been a few weeks since I posted a couple of DIY posts about how I was trying to breathe new life into my worn truck interior.  I posted about cleaning the carpet with a pressure washer, and then I posted about cleaning the seats with a rug doctor machine.

It has been a few weeks since I put everything back together and I am posting the final results.  I am extremely pleased with how this project turned out.  After putting everything back together, I purchased a custom molded carpet dash cover that fits my dash perfectly.  I also purchased a set of Husky floor liners to protect all my hard work cleaning the carpet.  The Husky floor liners are expensive, but they are worth every penny in my opinion.  We purchased a set of these on my wife's new car back in 2007, and her carpet looks like the showroom finish still to this day.  Besides purchasing the dash cover and floor liners, this project was pretty cheap.  It cost me about 50 dollars to rent the rug doctor machine for a day and to purchase the cleaning solution that goes with it.  Everything else was my sweat equity.

This was what I started with, 13 years of neglect by previous owner.

Here is the carpet after the initial fit, it slid right into place and everything lined up perfectly.  This is one benefit of why I decided to clean my existing carpet rather than replace.  When you purchase replacement carpet, you have to cut all your own holes and trim it to fit yourself.

Another angle from the back

This was after I installed the backseat and trim pieces.  There were still a few small stains that became apparent when I put it back in the truck.  I used Tuff Stuff carpet cleaner and a towel, and all of those spots came right out.

Here is close up of drivers side after cleaning with tuff stuff, looks brand new.

Here is a shot of the front husky liner.  You can see how it is custom molded to your vehicle.
Here is the husky liner in the piece that covers everything.

Here is the custom molded dash cover.

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