Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fence Project Done - What a difference!

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The fence project is done and I am so glad I decided to expand our back yard into the side yard.  My back yard feels huge now, and my mind is running wild with new projects I can do.  Me and the oldest daughter have already been playing baseball, and I have some ideas on adding some more garden areas in the future.
I have taken a lot of pictures, but here are some good ones.

View of the back fence wall.  This section had to face me due to a neighbors existing fence.

The old fence came off the corner of my house and followed that orange dirt.  I used the dirt they dug up for the posts and filled in a huge low spot.  The new fence comes off the house 20 feet, and this is a view of the additional backyard space.

Nice picture showing fence detail.

I had a small walk through gate added so I can get to my garden from the back yard.  Notice the 6x6 post used for hinge side of gate.

View from the garden.

Great view from the street looking toward my house, I can't wait for the Nuttall Oaks I planted last fall to grow and fill in this area.

This is the section of fence that is double sided.  Notice how straight the pickets are and you can't even see that there are pickets on both sides.  This fence installer used string lines for everything, and he used a level on every picket for this double sided section.  A true craftsman.

Standing in old "side yard" which is now back yard.

View from driveway looking toward side yard.  The distance from the new fence and street is 22 feet, which is still plenty of room so the fence is not too obtrusive.

I added some landscaping between the new fence and the driveway to dress up this area.  More on that in another post.

View from driveway toward main gate.


GrafixMuse said...

It looks beautiful! They really did a nice job.

Kris said...

Thanks Rachel. They really did. I might use them again for some other projects.

Cristen Eacret said...

Looking at all that space, you deserve a pat on the back for making the decision to expand your backyard. It has so much potential for gardening and landscaping. Maybe you can even build a patio or a deck if you plan on hosting a BBQ or just have a cozy area to relax outdoors. Thanks for sharing, Kris!Showtime Vinyl

Marvel Farias said...

What a great difference indeed! Your backyard looked naked when the fence wasn’t there yet, and you just know that something important is missing . Now that the fencing project was done, I can't blame you for adoring it too much. Your fence really looks stunning! Thank you for the treat!
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HABIB KHAN said...

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