Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Overhaul Truck Interior - Part 2 Cleaning Seats

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The second step in overhauling my truck interior was to clean the seats.  I had the same issue with the seats as in part 1 when I cleaned the carpet.  Cigarette smoke and dog stains, as well as a nice odor.  Luckily the seats themselves were in pretty good shape.  There were a few cigarette burn marks, but nothing torn.  

I rented a rug doctor machine from my local grocery store.  I also picked up the optional upholstery attachment.  The machine works by squirting cleaner onto the fabric and then it vacuums it up as you move the attachment over the fabric.

It took several passes to clean the front and back seats, but I could tell a big difference.  It worked so well on my truck seats that I went ahead and cleaned the seats in my wife's car and my car.  I took pictures while I cleaned the back bench seat.  This was the first seat I cleaned and it was the least dirty, but you can tell in the before and after pictures the difference.  I should have taken pictures from the dirty front seats, but I just wanted to be done.

Bench seat before picture, doesn't look too dirty does it.

Seat after a few passes with the rug doctor, you can see the half I cleaned.

After a few more passes....

Close up of final cleaning, you can see how dirty the seat was and this was the cleanest seat.


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Kris, that's another job well's hard to believe something so filthy could be cleaned so nicely..hope that can happen to my soul :o)

Kris said...

Thanks Ginny, I am working hard on it. Now I know that you know that it can. Thank heavens for God's unwaivering grace.

Sarah Austin said...

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