Sunday, January 22, 2012

Garden Update - January 22nd

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Wow, it has been three weeks already since I planted my first seeds of 2012. Talk about a blur, things have been so busy with life and getting ready for this new little one that I am starting to feel the pressure to get it all done. Sometimes I wish I was not a perfectionist when it came to doing things because it would make my home improvement projects go a whole lot faster.

The good news is my snow peas have germinated during that time frame and are looking great. It is hard to believe you can sow seeds in January and they will sprout. I planted six rows of Oregon Sugar Pod II snow peas in one of my 4X8 beds. They are about an inch tall now and I will be putting in some trellising in between each row in the next few weeks.

I have been wanting to plant my English peas but it has been a monsoon around here the last few weeks. My yard and garden is saturated and a mess right now. Hopefully we can get a week to dry out and I can get those in the ground.

My lettuce is still growing but it is starting to get this brown looking stuff on it. It kind of looks like lettuce in a bag after it sits in the fridge a while. I think it may be due to all the rain we have got has kept it too wet. I am going to try and cut it back a little and see if I can get a little more out of it. It has also been growing since September so at 133 days old it may be dieing off too.

Snow peas

Lettuce is starting to brown and it has been growing since September

Lettuce bed still looks pretty decent though
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Luis Tobon said...

Looking good. I feel like I'm lagging behind. I've got seeds going in yogurt cups and are showing life and just started more seeds this last weekend. We'll see how it goes.


Kris said...

Thanks Luis, but I feel behind too. I am supposed to start my own seeds indoors but I haven't got started yet. I need to get my seed starting area going.