Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Final Harvest and Year End Total Numbers

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First I want to wish all my garden bloggers a happy and prosperous 2012.   I hope everyone has a great gardening year.  I learned a lot in 2011 and I hope to learn even more in 2012.

Now for the year 2011, my total harvest was 325.51 pounds.  My goal for 2012 is to grow 500+ pounds and that is roughly a 55% increase in total output.  We will see how it goes.  I have added a tab on my blog for harvest totals and this is where I will transfer my historical data from previous years.

Vegetable Name - VarietyWeight
Broccoli - DeCiccio0.50 lbs.
Carrots - Danvers #126 9.59 lbs.
Cowhorn Peppers 2.68 lbs.
Corn - Peaches and Cream 61.88 lbs.
Eggplant - Black Beauty 13.40 lbs.
Field Peas (Shelled Weight) - Pinkeye Purple Hull 9.63 lbs.
Jalapeno Peppers 8.40 lbs.
Lettuce - Great Lakes #11817.14 lbs.
Lima Beans - Unshelled38.56 lbs.
Radishes - Champion1.25 lbs.
Spinach1.19 lbs.
Snow Peas - Melting Sugar and Oregon Sugar Pod II6.61 lbs.
Squash - Dixie Hybrid26.00 lbs.
Tomatoes - Big Boy, Better Boy, and Roma35.51 lbs.
Watermelon - Crimson Sweet31.37 lbs.
Zucchini - Elite Hybrid61.82 lbs.
Total325.51 lbs.

The last harvest for this year was some more spinach and lettuce.  The lettuce is doing great, but the spinach is just doing OK.

Here is the spinach bed I planted, not very pretty.  I planted four rows of spinach and only one really came up.  The other three are messy looking.

Here is my lettuce bed before my harvest...

And after I harvested it, I love this variety.  It just keeps on growing back.


Ed said...

That lettuce looks great! Makes me wish I had planted some for the winter.

With all you've learned and the new area I'm sure that your harvest will be well over 500 pounds.

Kris said...

Thanks Ed, I really enjoy having fresh lettuce for my salads.

Luci Dawson said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious!!!

Except for the corn, you got all of that produce from 3-4x4 and 3-4x8 beds?!?!?

If I didn't see it, I wouldn't have believed a relatively small veggie garden could produce that much!!!

Kris said...

Luci - It is hard to believe how much you can get in a small area. I had 144 sq. ft. with those six beds. I had an additional 100 sq. ft. in a little strip I planted near my back fence.

My goal this year is to expand that "little strip" in additional 12 feet. That will give me an additional 300 sq. ft. of area. That will take me from 244 sq. ft. to 544 sq. ft.

FYI: I did plant corn in my 4x8 beds too. I was getting about 45 to 60 ears per planting out of one bed.