Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 Garden - April 16th

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Wow, what a difference three weeks can make.  Everything is growing really well.  I went ahead and planted my zucchini and squash, two different hybrid varieties.  I put one zucchini plant per 2 by 2 block, I know it says to allow 3 feet spacing but I hope I can cheat a little.  I planted my squash in a different area of my yard away from the zucchini so they don't cross pollinate.  My first set of snow peas are beginning to flower now and I can't wait to start eating fresh snow peas.  I should be harvesting most of my spring crops in just a few weeks.

Garden Overall

Two Zucchini Plants just starting out - Elite Hybrid

I planted 10 Dixie Hybrid Squash Hills

Squash just starting out - Dixie Hybrid Squash

Corn is going good, about 105 plants there

Snow Peas - Smaller ones are Oregon Sugar Pod II and larger ones are Melting Sugar

Snow Peas Flowering



Broccoli with Snow Peas




Luis Tobon said...

Your garden looks amazing already! I am growing those same snow peas and they are just under 7 feet now! I only have a cheap 54 inch tomato cage holding them up.

Your peas look great but mine have started turning yellow at the bottom and it is slowly moving up the vines. I don't know what the issue is. I had the same issue last year and tore them out. I really didnt want to do that this year as I love these.

I have added your blog to my Google reader and will be keeping up on it. I hope you stop over at my blog. I do a weekly garden update and a few other posts tossed in there.

Happy Gardening,


Georgia Garderner said...

Thanks for the compliments Luis. My snow peas are are about 3 feet tall now. Seven feet is really impressive. The yellowing at the bottom of the peas is normally telling you that it is getting too hot. If you look at the pictures from my garden last year you will notice my peas are yellow at the bottom too. I planted them in late April, so it was late June to early July before harvest time, which is way too late. The tall peas that are flowering now I planted on Feb. 15, and the smaller ones I planted on Mar. 15, which I hope is not too late. According to my zone, you are supposed to plant snow peas from Jan. 15 to Feb 15. Where are you located at, is it already really hot? I also hear peas are sensitive to watering on the leaves while they are growing, you should water near the ground.

I couldn't access your blog, please provide a link and I will follow. Thanks.

Luis Tobon said...

I would love to have a garden that large. Sorry, I didn't realize that I had blocked my blog I actually have two, my gardening one but also a photography blog. My main one right now is actually the gardening one but the photo gets posts sometimes.

It All Started With Tomatoes

Luis Tobon Photography

Thank you for the info on the peas. I actually planted those a few days after Christmas. We've had some nice heat these last two weeks. Nothing major but High 70s and low 80s. I water everything when I get home from work. I did know about watering close to the ground and not hitting the leaves. I guess I am not watering enough. Good to know.



Georgia Garderner said...

I am able to see your blog now. Wow, you planted snow peas after Christmas. You are definitely getting your money out of those plants. Seventy to eighty degrees doesn't sound too hot to me though. So either it is lack of water, the plants are done producing, or something else. We are running about the same temperature in my area.

Luis Tobon said...

Thanks for the comment. The plants really start getting big towards the end of January. The rain just before Spring got them going.