Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Garden - First Harvest

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The first harvest of the year is here for 2011. I pulled up some radishes this evening right before dusk. I planted a square foot block in one of my beds, and these were the biggest ones. I planted these on March 8th and the packet said 28 days to harvest, but these came in at 41 days. I have about 15 or 20 more still growing so those should be ready in a few more days. I am not a big fan of radishes, but these tasted pretty good. I ate a few of them sliced up and dipped in ranch dressing, that seems to make all vegetables taste better to me. My mom really loves radishes so I am going to give the rest to her. I also transplanted a few broccoli plants tonight. I had four plants growing in one 2x2 foot block which is too close. I moved each of the four plants to their own 2x2 foot block. I hope I get some good broccoli, but I fear it will get too hot before it produces, only time will tell.
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Sinfonian said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. We do have very different climates. Yours is much more like EG's in Alabama. I have grown snow peas, but like sugar snap peas better. I've got a 4 SF block growing now.

As for radishes, I found the first planting of the season takes considerably longer than the package suggests, but the second is right on due to the hotter weather. And yes, home-grown produce tastes much better than store bought.

As for your broccoli, watch for any loosening of the head or yellowing of the tips. Harvest right before or at that point if possible as that's the sign it's bolting.

Lastly, your garden looks great! 4x4s are so easy to work in and you have so many areas to use trellises (again, see EG's for extreme use of trellises). I am limited in my space for vertical plants with 12 to 16 SF if I rig something up.

Take care and enjoy your garden!

Georgia Gardener said...

Thanks for the advice on the broccoli, I will make sure I keep an eye on it. It was unseasonably hot today, it hit 89 degrees. Hopefully it won't stay that hot long. Do sugar snaps taste about the same as snow peas? I have heard they yield more.

The Sassy Butterfly's Chaotic Musings said...

Hey Kris! Welcome to the world of Garden Blogging! :) It's great to see another Georgian on the blogroll! I found you via Annie's blog.

You're still a zone higher than I am though, we're up in NW Ga. But even so, this up and down weather temps are driving me bonkers!! I've read (re: peas) that it is often suggested for GA gardeners to try peas in the Fall vs. the Spring because our temps fluctuate so much and peas just don't like that heat and humidity. But, like you, I am giving it a shot anyways! We'll see what happens.

Happy Gardening!

Georgia Gardener said...

Thanks Sassy for the comment, and it is also nice to meet a fellow blogger from Georgia. Thanks for the advice on the peas, mine are flowering pretty nice now and I ate my first snow pea fresh off the vine today. I planted some on February 19th, and then a big batch on March 19th. It is the March 19th batch that I hope I didn't plant too late. Good luck to you and I look forward to following your blog.