Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Garden - March 27th

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Here are the pictures of my garden as of March 27th, 2011.  All of the trellis areas are for snow peas.  We loved them so much last year that we planted two kinds this year:  Melting Sugar and Oregon Sugar Pod II.  The Oregon Sugar Pod II I bought from territorial seed company.  I bought half a pound and planted about 500 seeds in a 2 by 8 area in one bed.  The Oregon Sugar Pod II snow pea was engineered at Oregon State University to be a heavy yielder that doesn't need trellising.  All of the other seeds are Ferry Morse brand purchased at Wal-Mart.

Link to Territorial Seed Company

Garden Overall

Snow Peas - Melting Sugar

Lettuce - Great Lakes #118

Radishes - Champion

Broccoli - DiCiccio

Carrots - Danvers #126

Snow Peas - Oregon Sugar Pod II
Look close at all the tiny plants just peeking through the soil

Corn - Peaches and Cream

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