Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Garden - May 15th

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Today was a wonderful day in the garden, it was truly a gift from God. After a few weeks of record breaking heat, today's high was 68 degrees and it was completely overcast. It was perfect weather to work in, and I took complete advantage of it because I know it won't last long.

We had a storm blow in on Friday evening with 40 to 50 mph gusts. Once again my corn was completely blown over, and my taller snow peas were completely mangled. I spent Saturday morning straightening my corn and picking the remaining snow peas.

The taller snow peas have been producing for about 3 weeks now, so I decided to rip most of them out and plant some other things in their place.  I piled the vines in my yard and ran them over with my lawnmower.  I used the clippings as mulch around my zucchini plants, and I also mixed them in with the soil to give it some nitrogen.

The shorter Oregon Sugar Pod II peas have started flowering heavily so hopefully I will get a bunch of pea pods from them also. The taller variety has produced about 11 quart size bags of pea pods weighing about 5 pounds.  I planted roughly the same number of Oregon Sugar Pod II, so I am curious to see how many I get out of them.

I planted 16 Jalapeno M Pepper seeds in one of my 4X4 beds. The spacing was listed at 18 inches apart, but I cheated a little and spaced them 12 inches apart. I don't particularly like hot peppers, but I do like jalapeno poppers stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon cooked on the grill. Hopefully I will get to make my fair share this summer.

I planted pink eye purple hull field peas in  6 squares of a 4X8 bed. It is the equivalent of 96 linear feet. I hope to have enough peas to shell and freeze.

Lastly, in another 4X8 bed, I planted 4 squares of silver queen hybrid corn. Corn is one of my most rewarding and delicious vegetables that I grow.  The only problem I have is it seems to blow over so easily. Does anyone have suggestions on how to protect and prevent your corn from blowing over?  The yellow squash and zucchini are producing now and I should be able to harvest some next week.

Garden Overall, looks bare without all the snow peas, but zucchini plants are huge.

Zucchini and lettuce, the lettuce has survived the heat and is forming heads.

Zucchini - This is Elite Hybrid variety 

Bare bed is where my Jalapeno peppers were planted.  In the background is carrots, and I am going to harvest them next week. 

The remaining snow peas mostly Oregon Sugar Pod II 

 Close up of squash forming
Corn is still coming along, after straightening it a second time.

 Corn and squash in background


Annie's Granny said...

Maybe I should send you my tomato fortress. That would hold up your corn, LOL!

Your garden is looking very good. I have planted head lettuce this year, and it's getting huge but not heading. I hope it holds up if the heat ever gets to my garden.

Kris said...

Thanks Granny, we have been harvesting the outer leaves on our lettuce for a few weeks. It has been so tasty. I was afraid to wait until the head formed completely because the heat has been so bad. Looking back now, I think harvesting the outer leaves may actually encourage head formation, but I could be wrong on that. I love my corn, but watching it get blown over stinks.