Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Garden - May 1st

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Everything is coming along in the garden. It has been a busy week and it has been hard keeping up with everything. With my daughter's soccer schedule, my softball schedule, church, and keeping up with the regular yard work it is hard to give the garden all the attention it needs. The snow peas are in full production mode and I am getting a handful or more of pods a day. Still waiting on the Oregon Sugar Pods to start producing. I only have one broccoli plant that is thriving, the rest I think I planted too late. I can't keep up with the lettuce output right now, so I am eating all I can and I have been giving the rest to family and friends. Hopefully the carrots should be ready for harvest in just a few more weeks. I dug around a few of them and they are about the diameter of my pinkie finger now. The corn is growing great and it is about 2 feet tall now. That is all for now, back to the grind tomorrow.

Zucchini is growing great at least 5 times larger than squash plants


Largest Broccoli Plant


Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Peas


I have 9 squash plants, they are tiny compared to the zucchini planted at the same time.  They are in plain dirt instead of my special mix in my raised beds, which is why they are behind.
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Annie's Granny said...

Everything is looking great! It looks like you got your snow peas untangled a bit.

Kris said...

Thanks Granny, yeah I cut away the sections that were collapsed, and tied more support to the existing sections.