Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Squash Bug War

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I noticed the last few times that I have been watering my zucchini there are these bugs that run from the water and go high up on the leaves.  Since I am not well versed on recognizing different pests, I went on the Internet to research.  Looks like I have a squash bug infestation.  I had a little bit of Sevin dust left so I gave the plants a liberal coating.  According to my research these bugs are really difficult to kill and get rid of.

There are two methods that I am going to try next if the Sevin doesn't work.  The first involves laying something flat around the zucchini plant stems and the bugs will collect on the bottom.  Then you can easily remove the board and destroy the little rascals.  The other method involves spraying the plant with water, and when the bugs run to high ground spray them with soapy water.  I have heard they are virtually impossible to contain completely.  Let the war begin.

Here is a sample picture of what they look like