Sunday, July 17, 2011

Garden Update - July 16th

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It was a great weekend to work in the garden.  It was overcast and the temperatures were in the low 80's, a rarity for Georgia this time of year.  I took full advantage of it to get some tasks done in the garden.

I pulled the last zucchini plant and prepped that bed for my third and final planting of corn.  I added cow manure and mushroom compost to the soil and while mixing the soil I saw many earthworms.  I guess I am doing something right because I have always heard that it is a good sign if you have earthworms in your garden soil.  I planted the bed with more Peaches and Cream corn and then ran out of seeds, so I had to plant the remaining two blocks with Silver Queen.

I also bought some of that MiracleGro garden fertilizer and watered all my azaleas and vegetables with it.  I don't normally use this stuff because I can never tell if it is working or how much I am applying, but we will see what it does.  Other than that, just enjoyed the weekend, back to work tomorrow.

Main Square Foot Garden Area

Squash Bed - I hope I can stay ahead of the squash bugs.

Peaches and Cream Corn Bed - Doing great and starting to tassel

Freshly prepared bed of corn.

Another shot of corn with purple hull peas just sprawling all over the place in front

Jalapeno pepper and Eggplant Bed

My three tomato plants are growing, they are almost as tall as the cages so I will have to figure something out.

A few lines of purple hull peas planted near same area as my tomatoes, half of one line didn't come up.


Engineeredgarden said...

Man, your squash looks great for this time of've got me wanting to plant another round,

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Whatever your doing keep it up! your crop looks good, and don't fret about that Silver Queen corn! I got some at the market and it was so good I put away a bushel and the next week went back for more.:o)

Kris said...

EG - Thanks, my first batch was a bust so I had to try again. This squash variety grows so fast, and this second planting is doing so much better. I planted these plants on June 6th.

GingerBread - Thanks, I have heard that Silver Queen is good too. I was just worried about cross pollination, but I have heard I should be ok with these two varieties.

Thomas said...

Looking good! I like how you've lined your garden with stone - makes the space look ultra neat. By the looks of things, your garden is coming along nicely!

Kris said...

Thanks Thomas, I appreciate it. Those are castle rock landscape pavers from Lowes. They do make it easy to keep the grass away from my vegetable beds.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Hey Kris

Thanks for coming by. I'm so jealous of your gorgeous organized planting beds. LOL...I'm about to stop going to our garden for fear of what might get me in amoungst the plants.

We usually fish for large mouth bass but thought we might get a striper in the fast water. No go. Nothing was biting that day.

Kris said...

JR - Thanks for the compliments on the beds. I am trying to keep it neat, but it is tough working in this heat. Large mouth are always my favorite bass to catch, but that fast water is where the stripes like to run when they are spawning. I also like the prospects of hooking into a monster striper since they can get so big. Thanks for stopping by.