Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thru The Bible Radio

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I have included the information below as a permanent page on my blog.  It is located at the top of the page on its on tab.  I have also included an automatic RSS feed to their daily broadcast on the right side of my blog's navigation.

While this is not specifically related to gardening, I am compelled to devote a page to this on my blog.

Thru the Bible radio is a program that is broadcast all over the world to spread God's word.  It is based on the recordings of Dr. J. Vernon McGee.  He had a radio program for many years where he went thru the entire Bible verse by verse.  He passed away in 1988, but this ministry continues and the program goes through the entire Bible over the course of five years.

I have gained a greater understanding of scripture by listening to his recordings and I am sharing my passion for this with everyone.  Please visit Thru The Bible Radio website for more information.  The website has links to all 5 years worth of recordings as well as all his outline study notes.

I have compiled this information into one DVD and if you are interested in a free copy please email me.  This DVD has the equivalent of 380 CD's worth of audio transcripts of Dr. J. Vernon McGee's broadcasts.  The DVD can be played thru most DVD players, on your computer, or you can upload the files to an mp3 player.

Additional information provided below is from their website:
What Is It?
These zipped MP3 files contain Dr. J. Vernon McGee's entire 5-year Bible study series! Because the mission of Thru the Bible Radio is to take the whole Word to the whole world, we are making these files available to you free of charge for your personal use. 

Why Are We Offering This?
We strongly believe that God is using the Internet to reach people and go places that cannot be touched by radio. So we've stepped by faith into cyberspace, trusting God to provide the means for us to keep Dr. McGee's 5-year program completely free to all who wish to sit under his teaching and learn about God's Word.

If you have any questions about how these free materials may be used, please read our Copyright Policy before contacting us. 

You Can Help Us Keep It Free!
There are four things you can do to help defray our costs and keep these downloads completely free:

1. Support Thru the Bible Radio financially. When you make a gift to the ministry, be sure and check the box to designate your gift for "web broadcasting and operations." You can make a gift to the ministry now by clicking here. 

2. File Share. If you download these files and have the means to file share them on your system, please do so! Help us spread the Word while at the same time relieving our server of some of the load. The recorded messages remain the sole property of Thru the Bible Radio Network, but they may be saved to your computer and shared as long as the material is distributed free of charge and is kept in its original, unedited form. 

3. Buy an MP3 Album. Instead of making copies of the free downloaded files for your friends, family, and neighbors, why not get them an attractive album of the Complete 5-Year Series in MP3 Format with Notes and Outlines in PDF? It's available for only $35 each, and proceeds from the sale of the album go toward funding the free online downloads! Click here for more information or to place your online order. 

4. Pray. We praise God for the great response so far, and we are trusting Him to provide the funds that will enable us to continue. Please join us in praying that He will bless this endeavor, that many people around the world will be exposed to the gospel through the online ministry, that believers will be brought closer to Him, and that lost souls will come to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.


Sandra said...

Nice testimony to your faith in the Lord. Funny how we find things thru places like "garden Junk" websites. Keep up the faith

Kris said...

Thank you for that affirmation Sandra, God bless.