Friday, July 8, 2011

Look who decided to show up

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Last year I planted watermelons and they did pretty well. I don't remember the particular variety, but I was still getting watermelons in October. This year I decided not to plant them because they just take up too much space. This year I planted squash in that area and they haven't done so well.

Well last year I had a few melons that split before I harvested them and I am sure this transplant is from some of those seeds. Since the squash aren't doing well, I think I am going to pull those up and see if this vine will bear any fruit.


GrafixMuse said...

How lucky that you may grow some watermelons after all. I love surprises.

Crafty Cristy said...

That's wonderful. And the watermelon plant looks great. Maybe you'll get a lot of watermelons, instead of squash.

Kris said...

GrafixMuse - Yeah, I had pulled a few vines early in the season so I guess that is a sign to just let them go.

Cristy - Thanks, maybe I will get lucky and get a few.