Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to Overhaul Truck Interior - Part 1 Cleaning Carpet

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I mentioned a few months ago that I bought a new truck, a 1998 F150 to be exact.  I got a great deal on it, but the truck had several mechanical problems.  I finally got everything fixed and it is running smooth now.  So this weekend I decided it was time to start overhauling the interior.

The truck's carpet was completely trashed.  It smelled of smoke and dog mixed together and was covered in white dog hair and dirt.  I read online that you can remove the carpet and clean it with a pressure washer and it can breathe new life into it.  

I started by removing both seats and trim panels.  I then removed the carpet from the truck.  I scrubbed the carpet with powder Tide detergent and a push broom.  I took my pressure washer and blasted the carpet clean.  I am super impressed with how clean and plush the carpet is now.  It isn't perfect, but it is 100% better than before.  I am going to let the carpet dry for a few days before reinstalling it.  This method didn't cost  me a dime except my time, which was much better than replacing the carpet.  I highly recommend trying this method rather than replacing the carpet.

This is my new truck all waxed and shiny.

Here is the interior, doesn't look too bad from this angle but it is.

You can see how nasty the carpet was.  This was after I removed the seats.

The truck interior completely stripped and carpet removed.

Here is the carpet before I cleaned it, the clean parts are where the seats were.

Here the front of the carpet after I cleaned it, looks brand new.

Back side of cleaned carpet.


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

You did one hell of a job! that's too too terrific!
Wish I could get hubby to do that to my car..since we know we want to keep it :o) I give you a medal..

Kris said...

Ginny, thanks so much for the accolades. It took me about 4 hours to disassemble everything and clean the carpet. I figure it will take me another couple of hours to put it back together.

I spent all day today cleaning the seats which I will post in part 2. My knees and back are pretty sore from all the leaning over but it was worth it. I can't wait to get it all back together.

German Zollinger said...

When I did the same with my car, taking the carpet out was actually the hardest part. I was careful in not damaging anything and not hitting my head while inside the car. Haha! Power washing it with detergent is way better than scrubbing. Imagine how much your back would hurt more with manual cleaning *shudder*. Anyway, great job!

German Zollinger

Kris said...

Thanks German. It was a lot of work but worth the end result.

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