Sunday, April 22, 2012

Garden Update - April 22, 2012

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I realized this week it has been over a month since I have done a post on the overall progress of the garden.  I won't type much except to say that everything is doing pretty good and I am trying to stay on top of things.  I took pictures of everything today and it is amazing what a month can do.

Bed #1 - Alaska Peas are a snarled mess, and
I am going to pull these up and harvest what is left.

The peas are also covered in some sort of bug, pea aphids maybe.

Bed #2 - Black Beauty Eggplant and California Bell Peppers

Bed #3 - More Alaska peas and also a mess

Bed # 4 - Four tomato plants, romas and better boys.

Bed #5 - Two Best Boy tomato plants and two Dixie Hybrid yellow squash.

Close up of squash starting to set fruit.

Bed #6 - Lettuce and Spinach Bed

Here are 3 more tomato plants I potted up 
because I didn't have the heart to trash them.

Coca Cola planter - Habanero and Jalapeno peppers

Peaches and Cream corn from my garden expansion area

Five more rows of Peaches and Cream corn, 
you can barely see them but they are just coming up among the weeds.


Jenny said...

You're way ahead of us on harvest! I haven't even planted my squashes and you're almost ready to pick it! And since we're on snow alert for this weekend and into tuesday I don't think I'll be planting them for at least couple of more weeks.

Ed said...

Wow! Lucky you to have squash already. Did you start those indoors or direct seed? Your tomato plants look awesome! You've had excellent success from your seed starting.

My peas always become a tangled mess no matter how I try to trellis them. I still get a good harvest so I just let them go wild.

Annie*s Granny said...

Like Jenny, I haven't even planted my squash yet. You are way ahead....but I beat you out with the first tomato, ha-ha!

Sustainably Modern said...

Things are looking good.

Kris said...

Jenny - Thanks and living in the deep South does have it's advantages. Being in zone 8 allows me to plant so much earlier, but I pay for it dearly with the hot humid summers.

Ed - I direct sowed that squash on March 8th. That variety is 41 days to harvest and it is at 45 days now so that is right on schedule. I actually sowed four plants, but only two of them came up so that is why I have the two tomatoes in their place. The tomatoes are doing good and I hope I have a good harvest.

Granny - No doubt you will beat me on the tomatoes. I was amazed you had fruit setting on a plant indoors.

SM - Thanks a lot, things are starting to come together and hopefully everything will continue to thrive.

Farm Girl said...

It looks great! I will be posting pictures of the work we did today. We have lots of things growing under lights but nothing planted as of yet, well we have berry vines and I found a tiny artichoke today.
I have never seen bugs on peas before.
You have done a nice job and everything looks good.

Bernadine said...

Every thing looks great. You're much farther along with the squash than I am. I finally bought some mushroom compost. Thanks for the helpful tips. Hopefully, our garden will really take off.

Kris said...

Farm Girl - Thanks, I can't wait to see your pictures. Your property always looks so nice. I have never seen those bugs either, but leave it to me to get them!

Bernadine - Thanks, and good luck on the mushroom compost. You can also get a bag of "black kow" cow manure from Lowes. I normally mix a bag of that and a bag of mushroom compost at the same time. Black Kow is the brand name.