Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Garden Harvests - April 24, 2012

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I had a busy week in the garden.  I pulled out two beds of English peas that were a snarled mess.  I don't know if I will grow them next year because they were a real pain in the butt to harvest and to shell. 

My electric pea sheller would not shell them, only the smaller flatter pods.  The Mr. Pea electric pea sheller gets two thumbs down when trying to shell English peas.  Hopefully it will make up for it when the field peas come this summer.  

I also harvested some lettuce this week and I got to eat several salads.  I know I should probably venture out and try planting different varieties of lettuce, but I have such good luck with this Great Lakes #118.  It tastes great and is easy to grow.  I have been using the same seed packet for a couple years now.

Here is my first lettuce harvest this spring

Here is a batch of English peas after I shelled them

Here is a basket full of peas, this was 3 lbs worth after I pulled both beds.

It took me over an hour to shell them, 
but it was enough peas to fill a metal bread pan


GrafixMuse said...

Nice lettuce and pea harvest. Sorry the English Peas were such a pain to harvest and shell. I hope they taste good.

Bernadine said...

This is very impressive. I'll have to try that type of lettuce. It looks great.

Jenny said...

Wonderful pea and lettuce! I love eating fresh peas and mine is not even close to having any just yet - it's only 3" tall. Maybe mid-May will be first to try.

Bernadine said...

By the way, we added a top dressing of mushroom compost I bought locally. Tomar Garden was too far away. I hope my garden does as well as yours.

Kris said...

Grafix - Thanks, and yes the peas have been delicious. We have been eating them all week.

Bernadine - I have been really happy with how well the lettuce grows in our climate. I pretty much grow it all year except for June - August because of the heat. Good luck with your mushroom compost. Sorry Tomar was too far away, but I guess you know what city I live in now.

Jenny - Thanks, hopefully bambi will leave yours alone.

Prairie Cat said...

Your peas look amazing! Sorry to hear that they were a pain to harvest. Do you grow sugar snap peas, so that you can at least enjoy the pea flavor without all of the hassle?

Angela said...

Great harvest! Your lettuce and peas look delicious!

Kris said...

Prarie Cat - Thanks, I have never grown sugar snaps before but after shelling all these peas I might consider it for next year. I was hoping my automated pea sheller would work, but the peas were just too small.

Angela - Thanks so much, they have been quite tasty!