Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden Harvests - May 14, 2012

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The harvests have been nice and steady this week.  We received some much needed rain on Saturday and the garden is showing the benefits.  I am still harvesting squash and lettuce, but the first batch of corn is getting there and should be here within a few more weeks.

This will probably be the last of the spinach, about 4 oz here.

Huge batch of lettuce, harvested 1.5 lbs this week.

Nice clean squash

Another batch, this was enough to freeze my first 2 pound bag.


The Stay @ Home-Gardener said...

Spinach is so fickle. Next year I will remember to just plant beds of it so there is ample to harvest prior to bolting.

Ed said...

I'm at the end of my spinach as well. Your squash looks great. I'm glad your finallt getting some rain.

Bernadine said...

Great looking harvest. And thank you for the helpful tips on freezing the squash. I'm heading out to my garden now to see the benefits of yesterday's rain.

Jenny said...

Great looking harvest with very nice squash and greens!

Sustainably Modern said...

You've already got squash coming out! Cool! Last week, mine were all female. Now the males have shown up, so I should start harvesting some in about a week or so....hopefully. No sight of bees yet :(.

Crafty Cristy said...

I am glad you got rain. We did too. About half an inch. They predicted 3 inches, but that never materialized. I'll take 1/2 inch. It really helped our garden.

Kris said...

StayAtHome - I might have to start doing that as well because planting a small amount never works for me.

Ed - Thanks, it was a nice soak too!

Bernadine - Your welcome, it rained all day yesterday where I am. I needed it bad too!

Jenny - Thanks, its starting to feel like garden season.

Sustainably Modern - Yeah I had that same problem. Mine have been flowering for a few weeks now, but I think I must have been getting just females too. How do you know if you have females? Is that when a tiny little squash forms, but then shrivels up and dies? I have always wondered how you tell the difference. Anyways mine are starting to produce now.

Cristy - They must have sent your 3 inches to me and I needed it so bad. It rained 24 hours straight at my house and at time was very hard. Only bad thing is it washed a lot of the filler dirt I used on my sod project between piece of sod. I will have to replenish that, but I was so thankful for it.