Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Sod Project a.k.a. "Hell Week" - Part 3

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I detailed in part 1 the purpose behind this project and in part 2 the amount of prep work needed to prepare for it.  Finally after doing all the prep work I was ready to lay the sod.  Laying sod has to be one of the most back breaking jobs I have done.  The up and down, up and down, up and down makes it hard work.  This is the second time I have laid sod, the first was my front yard 10 years ago.  I can say that 10 years makes a difference on your body.

I had a total of four pallets of grass to lay down, and each pallet covers 500 sq. ft.  I also had the challenge of matching up the new grass to the existing grass.  I must have measured pretty well because I ran out of grass with just a little left to do.  I picked up 20 more squares at my local nursery to finish the job.  

Well I survived my own hell week.  It was so much work to get done in just a week, but I am happy that I did it.  My back held up pretty well, but my right knee has been sore for over a week.  I have been watering the grass every day for the last week and it is starting to green up nicely.  Hopefully over the next few weeks it will take root.

I started laying in the far end of my yard it was nice and cool that morning. 

I used a small hatchet to trim the sod nice and tight to the rock wall.  
It worked well.

Working my way up the hill.

I left two areas unsodded, this is one of them.  
I am going to plant some knockout roses and flowers here.

Here is what it looked like after all the pallets were laid. You can see the small area I had left.  You can also see the grass is yellow because this was laid last and was at the bottom of the pallet.

Here is that same area after a week of watering, much greener.

The hill is still there, but so much better than before.

I used black garden soil to blend the old grass to the new.
This should grow together and disappear.

Same area after a week of watering.

A view from the garden looking out.

Opposite side, looking towards the garden.


Tomato Thymes said...

That is pretty darn impressive. Looks great and you really put in alot of work on this.


GrafixMuse said...

Oh wow! Very nice indeed. I bet you are happy to have this project complete.

Jenny said...

very nice looking lawn after all this hard work! nicely done!

Kris said...

Lisa - Thanks, it was a ton of work. Now I can't wait for it all to grow together.

Grafix - You have no idea, happy as can be. I will be glad when my old knees get back to normal. I feel like someone beat them with a bat.

Jenny - Thanks, hopefully I can keep it alive.

Ribbit said...

Looks great!

Kris said...

Thanks Ribbit.