Monday, May 21, 2012

New Flower Beds - Part 2

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In part 1 I posted about my first bed that I created after my sod project.  This post is about my next bed project.  This one is bigger than the previous and took a little more work. 

This bed has my autumn blaze red maple tree as an anchoring point.  The tree is located a few feet off a rock wall that separates my lawn from my garden area.  I planted three more red double knockout roses behind the tree and a few feet off the wall.  I then moved a three piece bird bath in the center of the bed and planted red begonias encircling around the bird bath.  I am starting to get bit by the landscaping bug and I am looking for other projects to work on.

Here is the bed after I laid my sod

Here is a front shot of the bed after I planted the roses,
moved the bird bath, and mulched with straw.

Here is a side shot along the rock wall.

Here is a kid's play scoop I found while digging for the roses. This is the third time since I have lived in the house that I have found toy artifacts from previous owners.  I always think it is cool to imagine a young child similar to my daughter's age playing in the dirt 40 years ago.

Here is the bird bath after I planted the red begonias around it.  This bird bath is made up of three pieces with three sea horses forming the bottom base, a shell forms the top, and a praying angel rests on top.  This is a very special item because it was my grandmothers for many years and she let me have it.  It is very heavy and has to be at least 50 years old.  I love the weathered look it has.

Finished bed after planting begonias.

Front shot of finished bed.  In a few years the roses 
should grow to 3-4 feet and fill in the back wall.


Farm Girl said...

It looks wonderful. I like that bird bath too. Are your sunflowers growing?
I always love finding things when we are working in the garden. We find lots of old marbles. We even found one made of pottery.
Your yard just keeps looking better and better. Your corn is really tall.

Kris said...

Thanks Farm Girl and yes the sunflowers out by the mailbox are growing pretty well. They are a little crowded but they are about 5 feet tall now. I appreciate that, I am trying to get it up to par. The corn is about 6 feet tall in the tallest areas and 3 to 4 feet tall in the shorter areas. It seems much shorter this time than before. I planted the seeds between 6 to 9 inches so that may have messed me up. Several of the stalks have two ears on them but they seem small to me.

Ed said...

That's great you have Grandmother's birdbath. It will porbably last another 50 years with care. that reminds of my grandmother's, only she had St, Francis in the center.

Kris said...

Ed - I sure hope so, as long as it doesn't break it should last forever. It is made of solid concrete and is so heavy. There are a few cracks in base, but it is still solid.

Bernadine said...

This is a beautiful garden design and you framed your grandma's birdbath so nicely. I hope my kids treasure some of my garden things in the future. Your yard looks so nice. Great job! By the way, I think I will pick the first zucchini tomorrow morning! It's exciting!

Kris said...

Thanks Bernadine and congrats on the first zuke. Get ready to be overloaded because zucchini can be prolific producers. I will have to wait until late summer before I can plant my zucchini because I simply don't have the room right now.

kelli said...

very pretty! love the bird bath and how sweet that it was your grandmom's.

my mother went to the house where her grandfather used to live and they let her take his old bird bath.=)

Kris said...

Thanks Kelli, that is cool that those people did that for your mom.

The Stay @ Home-Gardener said...

Beautiful patch of corn!

Kris said...

Thanks Stay at Home, it is almost time to harvest it.