Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Garden Harvests - May 9, 2012

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This week's harvest consisted only of yellow crookneck squash.  I have two plants that are producing now with eight more that I planted a month ago.  My goal is to put away 30 pounds worth in my freezer and let my daughter sell the rest at her vegetable stand. 

This week also brought my first tomatoes and peppers.  The pepper is a habanero and I am pretty surprised that it is already setting fruit.  The tomatoes are small and green, but we should have tomatoes in a few more months.  We got a little rain this week, but we still need much more.     

A nice batch of squash.
These were the first from the plant so they are a little small. 

First tomatoes are on the plants.

First pepper of the season, a habanero.


Jenny said...

Very nice! some of my tomatoes and peppers also have blooms but not fruiting yet. And the squash is only now starting to wake up from the seeds that I planted last week.

Annie*s Granny said...

I love yellow crooknecks! Mine are still seedlings, so it will be a while before I get anything from them.

GrafixMuse said...

Hard to believe that you are harvesting yellow crooknecks and I just began presprouting my seeds inside. Nice harvest :)

The baby tomatoes and peppers provides the promise of what is to come soon.

Kris said...

Jenny - Thanks, it took my squash about 10 days to germinate too. I feel like the garden is finally starting to take off.

Granny - Me too! What is your favorite variety? I have been doing Dixie Hybrid and it produces really fast, in 30 to 40 days. I wouldn't say it is a huge producer, but it does produce quick.

Grafix - Thanks, things are coming along. It was so hot in March and April that things are a little ahead of schedule. I can't wait to harvest that habanero. I am giving to someone at work who said my jalapenos I gave them weren't hot enough.

Annie*s Granny said...

I grow Early Golden Crookneck, from a packet of seeds I've had for years. I only use about 4-6 seeds in a season, so I'll be working on that same packet forever!

Bernadine said...

I enjoyed seeing your "Hell Week" project. Lots of hard work but it looks great. I can't wait until the squash I planted is ready to be harvested. Do you freeze the squash or can it?

Kris said...

Thanks Granny, I will have to look up that particular variety. I do the exact same thing. At the rate I use lettuce seeds, it is going to take me 100 years to use this one packet.

Bernadine - Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it. I don't do much canning so I freeze it. I slice it up into thick slices and blanch it. I freeze it into bags with 2 lbs. in each because that is the amount my wife's squash casserole recipe takes. We like to eat about one casserole per month, so my goal is to put away 30 lbs. That will give me enough plus a few extra to take to parties.

Ribbit said...

I've gotten my first squash also! First time I've gotten squash before zucchini. No tomatoes yet, but I'm waiting!

Kris said...

Congrats Ribbit, I am waiting to plant my zukes. I was a afraid they would cross pollinate and I don't really have the room for them now.