Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Harvests - May 31, 2012

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Despite the lack of rain and the scorching heat, my garden is still hanging in there.  The two squash plants are still producing pretty strong and I am up to 8 lbs harvested.  I have 8 more plants just starting to produce so my squash numbers should go up if all goes well.

This week also produced what will probably be the last lettuce harvest until fall and it produced the first peppers of the season.  I harvested two Hungarian Wax peppers.  I didn't plan on growing these, but there was a mix up in my habanero seed packet.  Because of this I have five of these Hungarian Wax peppers and I had to go and pick up a couple of habanero seedlings. I put the two real habbi's in pots and I hope they produce.  It was a good week, I am blessed.

One of the squash harvests from this week.
Two Hungarian Wax Peppers

Here are my two new habanero these from Lowes.

They better be habanero's this time.

Here is one of them all potted up and ready to go.


Jenny said...

Beautiful harvest! not a fan of habanero but the rest i like :)

Kris said...

Thanks Jenny, I don't eat them either. I am growing them to give away to people that told me my jalapenos were not hot enough for them last year.

If the habaneros are not hot enough I will just keep moving up the scoville scale.