Thursday, June 23, 2011

Georgia Garden Mulch

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Zac Brown said it best, "I was raised underneath the shade of a Georgia pine and that's home you know..."
I don't know what is worse, paying for pine straw to use as mulch in Georgia or finding someone dependable to actually deliver it. I always find it ironic that I pay $75 dollars for 25 bales of pine straw when there are millions of pine trees all around me. I know I know; I am paying for the convenience of the person collecting it, baling it, and delivering it to my house, but still.

So tonight after work I spread 25 bales in my square foot gardening walkways and my azalea area behind my garden. The grass and weeds were starting to creep in so I spread the straw really thick. After doing that, I cut the front and back yard and I was pretty tired. I always like the way freshly spread pine straw looks.  It looks a little messy now, but once the first good rain comes, it will settle and look great.
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