Monday, June 6, 2011

Why I Garden?

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For some people it is the sweet taste of a vine ripened tomato, for others it is the ice cold crispness of fresh lettuce, but for me without a doubt it is the sweet buttery taste of back yard corn. I like many of the vegetables I grow, but nothing compares to eating fresh corn from your garden. The taste is so above and beyond anything you can buy in the store.  So if I had to pick one vegetable and only grow that for the rest of my life it would be corn.

I planted a 25x4 foot plot of Peaches and Cream corn on March 19th. This is a sweet hybrid variety that is bicolor and absolutely delicious. I planted about 100 to 115 seeds spaced 10 inches apart.  I have babied this corn through this Spring drought.  I have kept it watered and fixed it from being blown over 3 times.  I hope my love pays off.  It is very close to being ready with many of the ear silks starting to brown and dry out. I think by this Saturday I will be able to harvest a lot of it. I can't wait to taste the first sweet juicy bite. Last year I blanched and froze this corn straight on the cob, but that took up a lot of space in my freezer. So this year, I am going to strip the kernels and then freeze. I am going to plant another batch of this corn in one of my 4x8 raised beds and see if the results are good. I will post an update after my harvest.

So my fellow bloggers I ask, why do you garden, what is your favorite vegetable?

Corn Plot

Close up of ear, this is the largest ear so far


Anonymous said...

The boy asks me to grow corn each year, but the one time I did, it fell over. Wish I had better luck with it! I love the squash and zucchini from gardening...and cucumbers - when I can get them.

Crafty Cristy said...

My favorite is tomatoes with green beans straight from the garden as a close second. I will definitely plant much more green bean plants next year.

We don't have room for corn, but I've eaten some Peaches and Cream Corn from a friend's garden--divine!

Cindy said...

We harvested 328 ears of peaches and cream this morning. It tastes wonderful. Hopefully yours will be ready soon!

Kris said...

Ribbit - Squash and zucchini would be my second choice. I have had a hard time this year too with it blowing over, but I would say give it another try. If you ever see it through it is worth it.

Cristy - I am probably one of the few gardeners that doesn't grow tomatoes. No one in my family eats them so I don't bother. If you even have a small area, you can actually get pretty good results. I plant about 72 plants in an area that is 4X8 in size, and you can get up to 100 ears from that if you are lucky.

Cindy - 328 ears is a lot, that is awesome. How much did you plant total? Do you freeze or can yours and how do you prepare it?

Cindy said...

I planted approximately a 1/4 of an acre. This is the first half of it. The rest was planted 3 weeks later. I freeze mine. I put the majority of it up on the cobb. I creamed 100 ears that didn't look quite as pretty.

Kris said...

I froze mine on the cob last year, but it took up so much space in my freezer. This year I am going to strip it off the cob and freeze it. I am also buying an upright freezer because I am acquiring a nice little stock pile and I need the room.