Thursday, June 2, 2011

Harvest Update - June 2nd

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The snow peas are almost done putting out pods.  The biggest batch of the Oregon Sugar Pod II peas came through tonight.  I got 1.5 lbs which is the most I have harvested in one day.  I have harvested almost 7 pounds of snow peas, which is good but much less than I had hoped for.  I think the extreme heat this spring has hurt my yields.   I have harvested the last of the lettuce, and I am surprised it made it this long.  I think I will try growing this again in late fall.  My 2011 harvest total is at 40+ lbs. and the zucchini is responsible for a lot of that.

Snow Peas - 1.5 pounds

Some of the zucchini and squash -  Look at the siamese squash.  Two flowered and grew as one.


GrafixMuse said...

Oh wow! I can post comments again. I am surprised that your snow peas are still growing in the heat. I am still waiting for mine to climb the trellis and begin flowering. The mutant squash must have been a surprise.

Cindy said...

Wow! You're garden is really producing despite the heat.

Kris said...

GrafixMuse - Was there a problem with Blogger? I had someone else say they couldn't post. As for the snow peas, that must have been their last hoorah because they are done. I can't complain they aren't supposed to grow at 100+ degrees!

Cindy - Thanks, I am trying to water the best I can. I have been out of town for a few days, so I will be watering a lot tomorrow. We are supposed to see 103 next week.