Monday, June 27, 2011

I said I want Salsa

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One of my favorite shows of all time is Seinfeld.  I have been watching it for more than 20 years, and I can quote almost every episode.  I thought about this clip for this post

In my quest to make some good homemade salsa, I picked up 3 different tomato plants from the nursery today.  I got one Roma, one Big Boy, and one Better Boy variety.  I am hoping between the three, I will have a good mix of texture and taste for some great salsa.  I also picked up three pepper plants.  I wanted a jalapeno pepper plant, but the only thing they had was something called a cowhorn pepper.  They were cheap so I picked up three of those.  

I weeded my jungle area and amended the soil with cow manure and 10-10-10.  This time I laid some of that black weed fabric and pinned it down.  I cut slits for my plantings and watered everything with some compost tea.
It was a rewarding little project and I hope my little plants thrive.

Soil before working in the manure
Area all nice and weeded and ready to go

Weed fabric laid out in planting area

Tomato plants: Big Boy, Better Boy, and Roma

Cow Horn Peppers

Final Results


Luis Tobon said...

Looks great. If you were closer, I would give you many tomatoes. I harvest way too much for just two people. Peppers are also plentiful and salsa will be made this weekend. Hope your plants do well.


Anonymous said...

Love me some salsa. My toms just never seem to ripen so I make and can it with grocery toms, but the price on them just isn't coming down this year.

GrafixMuse said...

I love Seinfeld. There hasn't been a tv show yet that compares. When I first started my garden, my goal was to make salsa. I can enough to get us through the year, but there is nothing like freshly made salsa.

Kris said...

Luis - Thanks for the offer, too bad I am 3000 miles away.

Ribbit - My neighbor says he never has any luck with tomatoes either so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

GrafixMuse - I agree with you about Seinfeld. I hope I get to practice my salsa making skills in a few months.