Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chipmunks in the Garden

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I have had a problem with chipmunks in my yard for the ten years I have lived in my house.  Before I started gardening I never paid much attention to them.  Now I am much more aware of them and have hoped they would stay out of the garden. 

Well tonight I was getting ready to fire up the fire pit and enjoy some quality time with the family when one of these little jokers bolted from my lima bean bed across my patio and under my air conditioning unit.  I grabbed a broom and tried to get him from under the AC unit but it ran back into the lima beans and I couldn't find him.

So I pulled out my rat traps that I use when I try to catch these guys, but we were completely out of peanut butter.  I searched the cabinet, what to use....what to use....YES, Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies.  I love oatmeal pies so surely chipmunks do too.  I baited up three traps, one by the AC unit and two in between the lima bean bed.

Hopefully this will work, I have lettuce and spinach near those lima beans and this guy could do a lot of damage.


pepper7144 said...

Kris I wanted to chat with you out of our bloggs. I am in the Columbus area and was currious about using you same planting schedules. It seems I am too late since I have not even built my beds. Concerning chipmonks I am cursed with scadds of them and squirels too. Any suggestions?
this note is not for blog postingnext reply I will give you my e-mail( when I know it is not being posted to a blogg) :)

Kris said...

Ok, just email me directly if you want and we can discuss any options.

pepper7144 said...

Thanks for taking down my e-mail address. I do not have your address to mail you direct. I believe we are both in zone 8; I think I read in one of your posts you are zone 8.
I saw that the squirels seem to have left your garden alone. Hope I am so lucky, and with the chipmonks as well.