Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Garden Harvests - October 11th

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Things are slowing down in the garden. I am not going out there every day, and we are getting pretty consistent rain. The fall lettuce is doing great, but the second planting of spinach has not sprouted yet. The eggplant is finished, the final tally was 21 eggplants weighing a total of 13 lbs. That was from one amazing plant! The baby lima beans are flowering like crazy and I should be picking pods in a few more weeks if the weather cooperates. What I have going now is tomatoes, jalapenos, baby limas, lettuce, and spinach.

This was a pound of jalapeno peppers and that brings the total for the year to almost 6 lbs. That is a lot of jalapenos for 4 plants. I am estimating I got between 80 to 100 jalapenos per plant. There might be a few more left, put this was probably the last good picking.

I picked the last of the cowhorn peppers this week.

I also picked the third watermelon of the season, this one weighed about 7 pounds.

Two small tomatoes, the green one was on the ground. The plants are loaded right now with green tomatoes, but I just hope there is enough time for them to ripen.
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Engineeredgarden said...

A very nice harvest for this time of year....

Kris said...

Thanks EG, I appreciate it.

GrafixMuse said...

If your spinach sprout, you may be able to overwinter them by covering with mulch. Then when it warms up in spring, they will begin growing.

I have nominated you for a "Liebster Blog Award" on my blog. There is no obligation to continue this award, but I do hope you will consider passing it along to introduce your readers to blogs that they may not have discovered yet. It may be a good way for them to gain some followers.

Kris said...

Thanks for the tip on the spinach Rachel. I appreciate the nomination for the Liebster Blog Award and I will pass it on. I hope the weather hasn't gotten too cold on you yet.