Saturday, October 29, 2011

Garden Update - October 29th

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The garden is still doing pretty good. The temperatures have cooled with 40's and 50's at night and 60's to 70's during the day. We almost had a frost earlier last week, but it barely missed us. The lima beans are producing pods like crazy, and if they can make it before the first frost I will have a great harvest. The fall lettuce is coming in nicely, but the spinach is just not doing well. The tomatoes and peppers are still producing, but the tomatoes are all green.

Garden overall, the two big beds up front are baby lima beans.

This is just one corner of one of the beds and look at all the pods. I sure hope they make it before first frost.

Here is the bed of lettuce, there are 12 heads going out of 16 seeds planted. I can't wait to eat fresh salads in just a few more weeks.

Close up of lettuce, this is Great Lakes variety#118, awesome for salads.

Peppers are still going, I had such good luck with jalapenos that I am going to try habaneros next year.

Close up of jalapeno peppers.

A row of spinach, maybe it will get bigger, it is just not doing as good as my lettuce.

My tomato plants have grown into a snarled mess, but they are loaded with green tomatoes.
I don't know if they will ripen before first frost, here is a cluster of green ones.


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Looks like Spring over at your place :o) it's cold here in NC I think we are in for a cold winter...I'd like to fry up some of those green tomatoes :o)

Kris said...

Thanks Ginny, the weather here is 40's at night and 60 to 70's during the day. I think I may have to pick some of these green tomatoes before our first frost. Take care.

Ribbit said...

Hope it all survived last night! I'm scared to go out there this morning.

I didn't expect my green tomatoes to ripen so I picked some of them and canned them. Hope they'll be yummy!

Crafty Cristy said...

Garden looks great! The pepper plants are lush!

What would you do with habaneros? They are so HOT. I don't think I could think of enough to do with them. My mother in law will eat the jalepenos straight, so I have somewhere to put the surplus, but anything hotter than that I don't have anyone to help me eat them.

Prairie Cat said...

Lovely garden photos. Hopefully the days are warm enough to help ripen your tomatoes!

I grew some jalapenos this year, but unfortunately, despite looking like a jalapeno, they tasted like a green bell pepper. Not hot at all!

Kris said...

Ribbit - I think I am still good. We only hit low 40's last night. It is 61 degrees right now. We are normally 10 to 15 degrees warmer than where you are in North Georgia. Yeah, I think I may have to make some fried green tomatoes too.

Cristy - Thanks about the jalapenos. It is a funny story about these peppers. I don't even like hot peppers or peppers in general. I don't care for the taste. I grew these just for fun and have given away about 90% of them. I have eaten a few as jalapeno poppers, but that is about it.

This lady at work, who I give a lot of my peppers too, says her husband really likes hot stuff but my peppers aren't that hot. So I want to grow some habaneros next year to see if I can light him up.

Prairie Cat - I sure hope they ripen too, I was way too late planting tomatoes this year. I have heard that about jalapenos, and I think it just depends on the variety, how much rain and at what time, etc. Thanks for the comment.

Farm Girl said...

Your garden looks great for this late in the year, we haven't had our first frost yet either. Our peppers are still doing really well as is our eggplant.
You asked if my picture was of a sugar maple? Yes, it was, it died this spring, I am still sick about it. My husband was able to save seeds though and has about 10 little trees.
My son wants to the wood so all is not lost, it was beautiful in the fall though.

Madge @ The View From Right Here said...

Your garden still looks viable... mine alas, is toast for the season!

Kris said...

Farm Girl - Thanks, hopefully our first frost is still 3 to 4 weeks away. Sorry to hear about your sugar maple, they are my favorite maple. They don't really grow down here, but you see a lot of red maples and silver maples.

Madge - Thanks, at least you have a nice break until the spring. I am ready for a break myself. Thanks for the comment.