Monday, October 3, 2011

Garden Pictures - October 3rd

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This Monday instead of posting pictures of my weekly garden harvests, I decided to just post pictures of the garden.  You can only see so many pictures of eggplants and peppers before it gets redundant.  So to recap the harvests for the week, more jalapenos, more eggplant, and more cow horn peppers.  Now on to the garden pics.

Baby Lima Beans look unbelievably lush and healthy.  They are just starting to flower.  I planted these in late August.  I hope they produce before our first freeze.

Bed of Great Lakes Lettuce, this will be enough for me and plenty to give away.

Close up of Lettuce Plant

Here is a bed of spinach that I planted, unfortunately I can't distinguish the spinach from all the weeds that sprouted in with it.  I replanted some this weekend and hopefully I will have better luck.

My monster eggplant that has produced over 18 eggplants weighing 12 lbs.  Not bad for one plant.

Close up of eggplant

Eggplant and jalapeno peppers, you can see how big the eggplant is relative to the peppers.

Garden Overall Pictures

I still have a few watermelons.

Tomatoes have really taken off and grown together since the weather has cooled.  They are loaded with tomatoes now.

Tomato close up

Cow horn peppers still producing well.

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