Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dr. Seuss Magic Lorax Seed

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LATEST UPDATE 04-20-2012:  The seeds did germinate but quickly died.  It could have been neglect on my part.  I told my daughter I would plant her huge sunflowers as an alternative.  I think she thought this tree would be a real Lorax tree, so sunflowers were the best I could come up with.

UPDATE: I found out the Lorax seeds are Blue Spruce and White Pine Tree seeds.  I will give them a try, but I don't think those trees grow very well for zone 8.

My love of vegetable gardening started in 2010 when me and my then 3 year old daughter started our first garden.  Her interest quickly faded and by the end of that summer I was bitten by the gardening bug.  She still shows some interest (mainly to appease me), but I understand talking about my germination rates and yields per square foot isn't exactly stimulating conversation.

Fast forward to our dinner this past Friday at the IHOP.  They gave us a little card that had a "magical seed" from Dr. Seuss's new movie "The Lorax".  I have never seen my daughter so interested in planting a seed in her whole life.  She couldn't stop talking about it, and I quickly reminded her that I have been asking her to plant seeds with her daddy for the last few years.  I will admit my seeds don't look as cool as this one.

So today we planted that special seed and I am kind of curious to see what kind of seed it actually is.  For those of you gardeners with kids, it might be worth a trip to IHOP to get your kids fired up about gardening.  I think it is a great idea, and I thank IHOP and whoever came up with it.

This also marks the first time I have posted a picture of my daughter on my blog.  In spite of having a gardening blog, I am a very private person when it comes to social networking and my personal life.  I have no facebook, twitter, linkedin, or any other social networking account.  I am excited to share these pictures of her with my close blogging friends, but I may not talk about or post about her often.  
Here is the front of the seed card, that is one cool looking seed.

The directions said soak for 24 hours, we didn't see that so we only soaked ours about 6 hours.

Here is my little girl filling up the pot all by herself.

She is growing up so fast.

She can't wait to see what this seed is.


Annie's Granny said...

What an adorable daughter you have! I hope she grows a lovely Lorax tree!

By the way, did you get my two emails yesterday? They were quite large, I hope they didn't go into your spam folder!

GrafixMuse said...

Your daughter is a sweetie and I loved reading about her excitement to plant the Lorax tree seed.

Kris said...

Granny - Thanks so much, she is my little angel. She is a mess sometimes as little kids can be.

Kris said...

Grafix - Thank you, but don't let those dimples fool you. She does have me wrapped around her pinkie finger.

Crafty Cristy said...

Love this! I love the pictures of your daughter. I SO understand about the desire to maintain our children's privacy. That's why I post all those terrible pictures of the backs of my kids' heads. I don't want their faces on there. :)

I am going to have to take the kids to IHOP to get each of them one of these. What a great idea.

Kris said...

Thanks Cristy, at first I was only going to post the picture of her looking down. I finally decided to include one of her smiling for the camera.

We as parents face difficult decisions when it comes to our kids and their exposure to the Internet and all this social networking stuff. I am more paranoid than most because I work in the I.T. industry.

I personally think we are in a period of hyper growth with this social media stuff, much like the .com era of the late 1990's. It isn't going to go away entirely, but I believe as this industry matures many of the so called hot things will no longer exist and there will only be a few players in the game.