Friday, February 3, 2012

My New Toy

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For some people it is a brand new iPad or iPhone. For others it is a new flat screen TV with surround sound. For some it is new jewelry or new clothes.....but for me, being the gardening geek that I am. What do I splurge for?  I get a $250 dollar electric pea sheller of course.

I have been looking at different pea shellers and finally after a lot of research I got the Mr. Pea Electric Pea sheller. THIS THING IS AWESOME! It is made out of all aluminum which will last forever and will be easy to clean. It is fully electric with an on/off switch. I can plug this bad boy in on my kitchen counter and go to town on it. It even has a cutout designed for a standard bread pan to fit, so all the shelled peas fall right into it. Obviously at $250 it was not cheap, but that was the best price I saw for this model.  I spent a lot of time shelling purple hull peas last year and for me it was worth the investment to save time on shelling.

I purchased it from the website below and their service was superb. The shipping was free, and lightning fast. I ordered this thing at 10pm last night and it was on my door step at 5pm the next day. The company is based in Dothan, Alabama which is only a few hours away but still that is crazy fast. I read the reviews on their site and they seem to have excellent customer service. Check out this site, they have great information on it. There are also alot of youtube videos of it in action too.

Man I can't wait to use this thing. It will do any kind of cowpeas, lima beans, early peas, you name it and I plan to use it for all. I hope I get to use it around April when my English peas are ready. I will post how it works in a few months. Can you tell I am excited! :)

It is all aluminum and has a very small profile

This is the little cutout for your bread pan to slide in

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