Saturday, February 18, 2012

Garden Grow Light Installation

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I installed my 4 foot grow light today and I am pretty happy with the results.  The light cost me $20 and the two bulbs were $7.  So I have less than $30 invested so far.  I could have gotten a cheaper light for $9, but I try not to get the cheapest of anything.  This looked like a decent light for the money.  It was thin and uses the mini florescent tubes.

I had two prospect locations where I could install it and I had to get approval on the location from the Mrs.  She was super happy to give her opinion for the reasons listed in this post.  With the location set, I installed it in about an hour.  Next on the list is to build or purchase some sort of work bench to put under the light.  

This was location #1.  The laundry room right above the washer and dryer.  I liked it because it was very wide and the light would easily hang from bottom of the cabinet.  I was then going to install a wall to wall shelf to put the seedlings on.  The wife didn't like this option as it would be "too busy" with the shelving and light.  I tried to sell her that the extra shelf could be used to store the detergent and stuff, but it was a no go.

This was location #2.  This is also in the laundry room, but in a doorway to the right of the washer and dryer.  This is the same small utility room that my freezer is in.  The opposite wall from the freezer has another cabinet and also already has outlets.  The only down side is that the width of the room is exactly 4 feet and it would be a tight squeeze to get the light in there.  The cabinet is also smaller so the chains would not hang straight.  She approved this location, so I moved on to getting it installed.

This is a picture from the underside of the cabinet.  The edges are only 3/8 particle board material.  I pre-drilled two small holes about 6.5 inches from the wall.  This was to install two eye hooks.

I had to be real careful because the eye hooks were kind of large and I didn't want to split the material.  I screwed the hooks into the cabinet until it started to show cracks and then I stopped.  These threaded hooks should easily hold the weight of the light.

Here is the light installed.  You can see there is only an inch to spare on each side of the light.  The chains also stretch at an angle due to the cabinet being shorter than the width of the light.

Finished product, I am pleased with how it looks and fits.  Now I have to get a stand to put the seedlings on.


Ed said...

You realize this is only the beginning. The next step is the metal shelfs to house the lights. Growing from seed is quite addicting.

Kris said...

Ed....shhhh. Don't tell my wife that. I do have a 12x24 storage building in my backyard that I can store the light. I sure wish it had power and heat to it because I would just set up a seed starting station out there.

Annie's Granny said...

I bought my new shop lights and got them hung yesterday. That gives me four lights for the four wire shelves. I got my fixtures on sale for $8.99 each. Luckily I got a rain check for them when they were sold out last week, as I noticed the old regular price of $10.99 had been changed to $15.99! So I ended up with two for just a couple of dollars more than one would have cost now. I found the GE lights (the slim ones) priced all the way from a 2-pack at Lowe's for $5.99 to $13.99 at ace Hardware! So I have about $30 invested in my two new light fixtures. Now I don't have to crawl up on the ladder to "borrow" my garden shed lights!

Crafty Cristy said...

I find seed starting to be an addicting hobby. I wish I had more lights.

I like the way the bathroom ended up, but I can see why she was upset about it. That's a big project for a pregnant woman to deal with when she is already dealing with a lot of hormones.

Kris said...

Granny - It sounds like you got an awesome deal on your lights. I know you are ready to get going.

Cristy - Thanks, and yes it was poor judgement on my part. :)
We laugh about it now.