Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Garden Update - February 26th

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It has been another rainy week in my neck of the woods.  This winter the rain has been a little bit on the extreme side.  We got four inches of rain in one day last week.  My backyard and garden is pretty much a swamp.  I need at least a week of no rain to dry things out, but unfortunately rain is in the forecast this week too.

I planted some more lettuce and spinach this week.  My first try at direct sown spinach did not do well.  I noticed the seed was from 2009, so this time I tried using some fresh seed.  The snow peas and Alaska sweet peas are doing well and I put up another set of trellising.  We had a really nice day on Saturday so I got to catch up on some weeding and other gardening chores. 

Here is an above shot of the garden overall.  I have 3 beds of peas going.

Here is one bed of Alaska peas with four single rows.

Here is another bed of Alaska peas with three double rows

Here is a bed full of weeds, this was an absolute nightmare to clear out.
I vow not to let it get this out of hand again.

Here is the bed after I cleared it

My lettuce and spinach bed

You can see the standing water in my yard.


Jenny said...

Looks like you're in full swing in spring planting! btw, the "weed" that you pulled - can you try a bite of it and see if it's lemony taste? it looks very much like Sorrel plant :)

Annie's Granny said...

Looks great! Even your weeds look good enough to eat ;-)

Kris said...

Jenny - I think you may be right, it could have been Sorrel plant. Unfortunately I have already ripped it all out before I could taste it. The description of that plant on the web sure sounds like what I had. The roots were so deeeeeeeeeep!

Granny - Thanks and apparently if it was Sorrel plant you can in small amounts.

Ed said...

Your peas look great! Your weed does look like sorrel, but nobody needs that much of it.

Kris said...

Thanks Ed, I had a ton of it whatever it was. I hope I never have to dig that stuff up again.

Anonymous said...

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