Sunday, February 12, 2012

Garden Update - February 12th

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The garden is starting to come together for spring. We had our first real cold of winter this weekend. It was 24 degrees with a wind chill of 14 on the way to church this morning. That is pretty cold for my area. It is supposed to warm back up in a couple of days.

So far I have planted:
4 heads of lettuce
2 rows of spinach
2 eight foot beds of alaska peas
1 eight foot bed of oregon sugar pod peas

I won't be planting much more than some lettuce and spinach between now and late March. At that point I can plant all my warm season crops. I can't wait for spring.

Garden Overall

Bed of Alaska Peas, they haven't germinated yet.

Here is the bed of Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Peas.
I planted six rows on January 3rd.

Here is the other bed of Alaska peas. There are four rows.


Ed said...

The garden is looking good, as is your new banner. We are having a cold snap here as well. I'll have to wiat a bit longer for spring, you'll be planting you hot weather crops when I'm putting out my spring crops, LOL.

Crafty Cristy said...

I love the new banner, too. It was cold here, too. This is the first cold snap we have had all season.

Annie's Granny said...

The garden looks great! I haven't even started mine yet, you are a good month ahead of my planting schedule.

Kris said...

Ed - Thanks for the kudos. I have to get as much done as I can before my new baby gets here in April. Gardening may come to a screeching halt around that time.

Cristy - No doubt this has been one of the warmest winters that I can remember.

Granny - Thank you so much, but you will catch up to me fast. Spring will be here before we know it.

Bernadine said...

Your garden looks great. Please tell me how the new plants are doing after this cold snap. Maybe a follow up post? Thanks.

Kris said...

Thanks Bernadine. I will definitely be posting progress pics over the next month. Hopefully the cold won't be too bad on them. Snow peas, early peas, lettuce and spinach can handle a little bit of cold.

Jenny said...

How do you get to your peas when they're fully grown from inside? There doesn't seem to be enough room to walk. Just wondering. Love the garden look though and wish I had all that space :)

Kris said...

Jenny, all my beds are either 4x4 or 4x8. That bed of snow peas is a 4x8. I never walk in my beds, one of the square foot gardening recommendations is that you keep beds no wider than 4 feet. This allows you to reach the middle of your beds easily. It will be a little tricky having the trellis in there, but I am six foot two inches, and I have a pretty good reach. Now the walkways between each bed are 3 feet.

Thanks for the question and for following my blog.