Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fashion Azaleas

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Last year I planted 18 Fashion Azaleas along my east fence line.  They were small plants on sale at Home Depot for $2.49.  For the cost it was a good deal, but I don't know how great the quality was.  Out of 18 plants, 7 of them died last summer.  Granted it was a brutal August and I did my best to water, but maybe it was just too much for them.

My goal was to provide screening from my neighbors.  I hope in 5 to 10 years they will grow together to provide a nice screen.  I also love the color of this particular azalea. It is almost a reddish salmon type color.  They look pink in the pictures below, but they are definitely not pink.

So last week I decided to replace a few of the ones that died.  I purchased three new ones from a local nursery and I hope they make it.  The azaleas are starting to bloom now and they are really nice looking. 

Close up of flower

One of the plants loaded with blooms.

Here is the view along the fence line.


Jenny said...

Lovely colors! we have azaleas around our home - white and the red and it's very lovely when they all burst into bloom.

Farm Girl said...

I love azaleas. I put in a bunch of them when we moved here and then about withing a year all of them were dead. I have never had the heart to plant anymore. They were tree azaleas so they were expensive. I had them about 8 years.
I was looking at my garden this morning. Getting ready to lay out my beds.
I have ordered way more seeds than I have room, but I sure have lots of plans.
I am putting in a tea garden and a medicinal garden this year. Along with the vegetables. We also put in 80 berry vines. Our Artichokes are doing well.
I haven't been by in awhile. it all looks good.

Ed said...

Your azaleas are looking good, that should be an awesome border in a few years when it fills in.

Kris said...

Jenny - Yeah, they are one of my favorite flower bushes. I just wished they bloomed longer.

Farm Girl - Sorry to hear that about you azaleas, your property is awesome. I wish I had half the space you have. I can't wait to see your new garden.

Ed - Thanks Ed, I sure hope so.