Monday, March 19, 2012

Garden Update - March 20th

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It has been a busy week in the garden.  These record breaking high temps have been great for garden growth, everything is exploding.  My snow peas and english peas have started flowering, and I hope to start harvesting by April. 

I have been busy planting too:
  • White zinnias around my mailbox
  • Pink Impatiens in my front door planters
  • Fashion azaleas around my fence to replace the ones that died last year
  • Yellow crookneck squash
  • More spinach and lettuce
  • Corn
  • Peas
Some good news and bad news, the good news is my white acre peas have germinated.  The bad news is I have got some birds or something plucking the little seedlings right out of the ground.  I found 3 or 4 broken stems on the ground.  Needless to say, the pellet gun is coming out.  I hope they don't destroy all my hard work.  All in all a great week.

Here is a shot of the english peas and snow peas.  I had to remove some of the pavers outlining the garden because they were obstructing the flow of water.  I also laid some top soil to level out the area.  

Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea Flower

Alaska Pea Flower
White acre pea seedling, the birds didn't get this one.....yet.


Crafty Cristy said...

Your garden looks lush. Wow.

kelli said...

wow, your peas are really flourishing! i found one pea sprout this morning. woohoo!=)

Jenny said...

wow! so nice and green and already blooming such short time after planting! amazing. :)

Ed said...

Your peas (and everything else) are lloking great. A covering of bird netting should help protect your peas. I just cut a small piece and loosely drape it over the area, then secure it with small sticks. The bonus is that you can't tell anything's covered until you get very close!

Kris said...

Cristy - Thanks, I am trying. :)

Kelli - Thanks, I planted the snow peas on January 3rd so it seems like it has been an eternity for them to get to this point, but I am ready for some fresh snow peas. I froze a bunch last year but they just aren't the same as fresh. I like the crunch and crispness to fresh snow peas.

Jenny - Thanks, the warm weather did help speed things up.

Ed - Thanks for that advice, but the area that I planted my white acre peas is pretty large traditional row gardening. I didn't plant them in raised beds. I planted them in my garden expansion area. The corn I planted up there is doing awesome, but the peas are only sporadically germinating and then they get swiped by birds. 88 degrees today in what is technically still winter, crazy weather.