Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snow Peas and English Peas Ready for Harvest

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Today was a beautiful, sunny, and breezy Spring day.  We got a lot of rain yesterday and I think my peas and snow peas grew a foot overnight.  My trellis is 3ft tall and all three beds are at the top of the trellis.  My snow peas are loaded with pods and I should begin harvesting in the next day or two.  I planted the snow peas on January 3rd and the English peas a few weeks after.  I can't wait to eat some fresh in stir fry dishes.  I snapped a few pictures today in between cutting the grass.

Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Peas
There are 13 flowers and pods in this little area the size of my fingers.

Overhead shot of the three beds.
Two are English Peas and snow peas are in the middle

It should be fun harvesting this jungle!

I was trying to take a nice shot with the sun shining through the vines


GrafixMuse said...

Oh Wow! They are growing really well! I love snacking on snow peas while I am in the garden.

Ed said...

Your peas look terrific. Mine are just sprouting, I'll have to wait at least two months for harvest. Isn't amazing how fast things grow with a good spring rain?

Kris said...

Grafix - I agree with you on that one, I have been snacking on them for the last few days. They are tons of pods, but only a few that are large, so I reason why let them get too big. I love the crispness of fresh snow peas.

Ed - Thanks, and yes things are moving fast this year with all the warm weather we have been having. It seems like I have been waiting forever for these to flower, but I am glad the time has come.

Jenny said...

Oh how lovely! I love to snack on the snap peas and grow snowpeas for stirfry. Ours are just waking up so at least two more months before any pods going to form. Very jealous of yours :)

Crafty Cristy said...

Beautiful garden. I like to snack on English peas, and so do my kids. We don't care for the snowpeas as much in our family. My middle daughter would be "in heaven" with that many English peas to eat raw out of the garden.

Kris said...

Jenny - Thanks, and with all this record breaking temps, maybe you won't have to wait that long!

Cristy - I definitely like snow peas fresh rather than frozen. For some reason they taste so much sweeter and have a slight crunch when fresh. I have never grown English peas so I don't know what kind of harvest I will have, but I hope to have enough to put my pea sheller to use.

Crafty Cristy said...

It sure looks like you will have enough to put your pea sheller to work. The garden looks great.

Bernadine said...

Your garden looks amazing. Gives me hope for mine. What a nice job you've done.

Kris said...

Thanks Bernadine, I have been trying, but I still have a lot to learn. Thanks for the comment.

The Sassy Butterfly's Chaotic Musings said...

Hey Kris! long

When exactly did you plant your peas last year? I keep planting mine too late and the hot GA weather just kills them off. I really want to actually get a harvest this year so I know the earlier the better. I was thinking maybe 2nd week in February? We're in NW GA.


Kris said...

Sassy - Yeah it has been a while. Ironically I planted those seeds exactly one year to the day. January 3rd of 2012. I am in middle GA and they did just fine. I would say plant now or next week maybe.

The seeds will germinate just fine since we don't get that cold. The biggest issue is if the ground is too wet the seed will rot instead of germinating.

Good luck and let me know what you decide. I won't be planting any peas this year. I don't have my garden set up at the new house and I am not planting things that are labor intensive to harvest.