Sunday, June 3, 2012

Garden Harvests - June 4, 2012

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I have been waiting all Spring for this time of year, harvesting my peaches and cream sweet corn.  Overall I am a little disappointed in this first batch.  A combination of insufficient rain, with planting it too close, and letting the weeds get out of hand has really hurt my yields.  There are plenty of ears, but they are smaller in size.  A good sized ear is about 7 to 8 inches and I have some of those, but I have a lot of ears that are in the 4 to 5 inch range.  I harvested 30 during the week and will harvest the remaining next week.

I also harvested more yellow squash this week and I am freezing it for use throughout the year.  We are still in desperate need of rain and I pray that we get some in the next week.  God is good, I am blessed.

These are the best of the batch, 7 to 8 inch ears here.

Close up of a perfect peaches and cream ear.

Here are the rest of the ears, decent but small.

Here is a batch of squash ready to be processed for the freezer.


Annie*s Granny said...

That corn and the squash look delicious! I'm anxious for mine to mature, but it will be quite some time yet, my corn is only about a foot high right now and the squash is just beginning to blossom.

Jenny said...

looks wonderful! and that's alot of squash and corn to process! my squash is only now starting to get into bloom so no harvesting for now.

Kris said...

Granny - Thanks, the smell in my house was so awesome. I love the smell of boiling sweet corn. I can't wait to see your corn.

Jenny - Thanks, it takes a little time to process but not too bad. I normally harvest all my corn at once and process it in a huge turkey fryer and cooler outside. This time I decided to process a few ears a day during the week.

Crafty Cristy said...

Beautiful harvests! Sorry your corn is small, but it did come in without being eaten by a varmint, so I guess there is that. I am sure it's tasty.

Mine should be ready within the week (I hope.)

The Stay @ Home-Gardener said...

Very exciting day. :) It must be a mouth explosion to have fresh roasted corn again!

Sustainably Modern said...

Beautiful corn harvest. Corn is not easy to grow, you did great.

Kris said...

Cristy - You do have a point about it not being eaten by varmints. I hope you haven't jinxed me because I have a lot left. Make sure you do a post on yours.

StayatHome - It is definitely tasty, very sweet and crisp when it is this fresh.

Sustainably Modern - Thank you, it can be a challenge sometimes but I enjoy it.

Farm Girl said...

Hi Kris, at least you are harvesting. :) Thanks for the verse. I think the same thing when I am out there. Today though I was weeding my corn and the grass looks alot like the corn and I was reminded of why the tares that were sown are left with the wheat. That is one of the things I love about gardening as the verses become alive.
I love that verse you gave me today. What I love most is that in the perfect world before sin entered, God made a garden, and then put man in the midst of it to tend it. I just love that. :)
Thanks you made my day.

Bernadine said...

Your harvest looks great. I had the same problem with my string beans: planted them too close and didn't have the heart to thin them out. But your corn looks delicious. I'm getting a ton of yellow squash too. I wish my zucchini produced as well. I think planted them too close as well. I think I'll try fruit trees in the fall.

Kris said...

Farm Girl - Your welcome on the scripture, it is just what pops in my head whenever I think about weeding. That is funny you mentioned that, I used to have the following quote at top of my blog.

"God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures."
Francis Bacon

I never thought of it that way until I read that. I have since removed the quote for that picture header that I have now. Thanks for sharing that with me.

Kris said...

Bernadine - Thank you, I should have known better on the corn spacing and keeping the weeds under control. We ate some fresh corn tonight for dinner, straight from the garden, to the pot, to our bellies. Tonight was also the first time my daughter tried eating the corn straight off the cob. I normally cut the kernels off for her, she thought she was big stuff eating corn like a big girl.