Monday, August 22, 2011

Garden Harvests - August 22nd

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Is it fall yet? That is how I feel these days with the summer days of August. I am ready for cooler temperatures. I am trying to prepare the garden for fall despite the heat.

I am mainly harvesting peppers, but I am getting a few squash here and there. The squash plants will probably be done in the next few weeks. The squash vine borers have pretty much destroyed them. The last and final batch of purple hulls are beginning to harvest. I am still waiting for tomatoes, the plants are growing great but I think it is just too hot for tomatoes to form.

Here is a batch of jalapenos and one lone squash

Here is one of my cowhorn pepper plants. These things are loaded with peppers, looks like the triple phosphate fertilizer is doing its job.

Nice batch of cowhorn peppers with a few jalapenos and peas.

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Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I'm jealous of those Jalapeno peppers, the bugs ate my all up :o(

Kris said...

Thanks Ginny, I am certainly enjoying eating jalapeno poppers every few days. Sorry to hear about yours.

Shawn Ann said...

Looks like your pepper plant is loaded! I would be very pleased! Nice harvest!

Kris said...

Shawn Ann - Thanks, I have been pleased so far. Those cow horn peppers get pretty big too. They have been run to grow.