Friday, August 5, 2011

Watermelon Update

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A few weeks ago I posted that some watermelons had sprouted in the garden from last years transplants. Well the vines have taken off and are running all over the place. Here are a few pictures of where they are.

Here is the vine running in all directions.

Here is my best looking melon so far, about the size of a softball.

Here is the first melon that was set, I think I may have damaged the vine when I was laying fresh pine straw around the plant.  Yummy.

Now I wish I could say that I grew this monster, but this is what I hope to grow.  This was purchased from a local road side vegetable seller.  This is a seedless variety that is so delicious.  My favorite time to eat watermelon is after I have cut the grass.  Instead of quenching my thirst with water, I like to eat ice cold watermelon from the fridge.

Nothing like Smitty's Roadside watermelons


kelli said...

hi kris! thanks for stopping by and sharing on my blog! lovely words!

Kris said...

No problem, I look forward to following your blog.