Sunday, August 21, 2011

A New Beginning in the Garden

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There are two times that I really enjoy being a gardener. The first and most obvious is at harvest time, the time when I reap the benefits of all my hard work. The second time is during planting, the time when my expectations soar and my imagination runs wild on how this planting is going to be that bumper crop.

This week the old was cast aside for something new. Let the expectations begin.

The two front beds and one back bed were planted with purple hull peas and they were just sprawling all over the place. They have produced well, but their time had come and I decided to rip them out and plant some baby limas.

Here is one of the beds after the initial cleanup, pretty big mess.

What a sight! All clean, amended with manure, and ready for some seeds.

The front two beds have been going for about a week now. You can see the lima sprouts coming up.

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