Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lessons in Peppers and Phospates

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This is my first year growing peppers and it has been a learning experience.  My first lesson is that you can not sow pepper seeds directly in the garden and have much luck, you must start them indoors.  My second lesson was if you grow different varieties of jalapeno peppers, use labels so you know which ones are the hot ones.  My third lesson was the importance of heavy phosphate based fertilizers when growing peppers.  

I talked to someone at my local nursery about growing peppers, and this guy said that adding a heavy phospate based fertilizer right when the plants start to flower will really increase pepper production.  He said he does this when growing habaneros and has great results.  

I took his advice and a few days ago and I sprinkled some 0-45-0 triple phosphate granule fertilizer around each plant and watered in thoroughly.  I am growing jalapeno and cow horn peppers this year.  I hope this little trick works, only time will tell.

Here are my three jalapeno plants

Jalapeno pepper flower

Here are a few jalapenos

Here are my three cow horn pepper plants

Cow horn pepper bloom

Baby cowhorn pepper


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

My poor peppers didn't do well at all..the slugs began eating them the minute they appeared...nothing helped. D. Earth or Sevin..

Kris said...

Sorry to hear about your peppers, maybe you will have better luck next year.

Barbara said...

My 6-year old fell in love with a little curly-cue Cayenne pepper at the nursery a while back so I bought it for him figuring why not. Thing is, it was a 4-pack and we've got more Cayennes than we know what to do with! These things are insane. I'm growing them in smallish (12") pots and haven't really done anything special (a little Miracle Gro now and then) but they just exploded. I planted some jalapenos, fajita bells, and red bells later just to see if I could squeeze out any for fall. They're finally starting to flower now so I'm hoping they'll do like the Cayennes and just take off now that they're settled in.

Kris said...

Barbara - My cowhorn peppers have done the same thing. I should have some harvest pictures soon. I will definitely have to find some recipes because I have way more than I can use.